Cheats hack Fallen Legion Revenants code:chain, shield, restore HP, artifact, increase speed, exclusive items, outfit, gear Fallen Legion Revenants Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Fallen Legion Revenants hack cheat code List

chain - use hack nMfKCuE8s
daily pack - enter pass BzxntDMbT
gold - HkUmlerjR
summon x10 - AzJ72COQu
booster pack - BIiNhpmIW
gems - uSYrBX8j6
Month Card x1 - 3HOW9bSAo
shield - z4Lnt8kjd
daily gift bag x10 - fZE0W6TyZ
restore HP - raAOziLjS
artifact - ItSbT8SRL
upgrade - nLMbqs0ba
level up - S1eShpW8H
increase speed - kbrqo0DcG
exclusive items - VyIE2xLe4
outfit - 9iCt4W3MQ
premium gear - HR1y39nun

Fallen Legion Revenants use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Mankind's last sanctuary from the poisonous miasma. The miasma blighted the ground below, turning animals and people into monstrous creatures called the sluagh. Ivor, a prison warden, built Welkin and rules it with an iron first. Basics: attack - press A or B to make an exemplar attack. Each attack uses 1 action point (AP). AP gradually restores when an exemplar is not attacking. Magic - press X to use Rowena's magic. Casting a spell costs 1 mana orb. Mana is restored by attacking enemies. Move - move Rowena with the left stick to the tile with celestial grace. As long as Rowena is standing on this tile, all of the exemplars are enchanted with Celestial grace.

Fallen Legion Revenants Hack Basics

Deathblows - attack enemies with your exemplars to gain mana. When you have 1 mana orb, you can use a deathblow. Hold R and press an exemplar button to strike an enemy with a deathblow. Perfect block - press the L button to block. Time your block right before the projectile hits an exemplar to refresh it back at your enemies.

Stagger - attacking enemies and reflecting projectiles inflicts BP damage. An enemy is staggered when their BP meter reaches 0. Attack enemies while they are staggered to deal increased damage.

Revive - focus Rowena's will on the fallen exemplar by holding down the Exemplar's assigned button. The more Exemplars fall in battle, the more difficult it becomes for Rowena to channel her will to revive them.

Hint & Tips

1. Archeus: idealistic thief - the wearer's speed increases by 10% when equipped. Vigilant sage - the party leader's spell damage is amplified by 30% after parrying an enemy attack. Idealistic herbalist - the wearer's maximum HP is increased by 10% when equipped.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: chain, shield, restore HP, artifact, increase speed, exclusive items, outfit, premium gear
3. Stealth - stay out of sight from Welkin's guards by avoiding their field of vision and hiding behind pillars.

Fallen Legion Revenants Hack tools Version:


Fallen Legion Revenants Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Lwv3uk4FQ2F3VZc
2. oQnC4OWWKqoiv5b
3. ik0SAOgGXZPR5c0
4. xc8INM9ej6COuK5
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