Cheats hack Fantasy of Atlantis code:stamina, vip, gems, jewel, speed up, gold, battle pass, turtle island, lands Fantasy of Atlantis Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Fantasy of Atlantis hack cheat code List

gallery points - use hack qSMBVxP1P
daily pack - enter pass aWbmdcicE
of ad - 00I9Sja4o
stamina - TMgZcq99J
booster pack - 2XZcXl5Qk
vip x10 - cLIncztDG
Month Card x1 - czEmePNUE
upgrade - Z0HSj8YTS
daily gift bag x10 - VgjxtkSgf
secret combination code - J0JRckPV0
auto merge - iFygBprA2
gems - prvQb1crm
chest - kzqadXDYv
weekly box - S79H10lIF
jewel - tSdSnEVxL
speed up - eIiebL8zG
level up - w8iND8XcO
gold - FtfCZDdBL
species - OmRVhcLyj
battle pass - bsIM8pqnK
turtle island - nYH6VEP0w
extra lands - dFHmrz506

Fantasy of Atlantis use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You're finally here, my warrior. This place used to be the Atlantis continent. It doesn't look good now, but everything's gonna be fine. Tap to clear the Nightmare forest and bring back the prosperity it used to have. There are 3 mysterious altars here. Drag the seabed altars to each other and they will be merged. Legend has it that the ancient altar is home to a kind of mysterious creature. You found the mysterious creatures at the seabed. They usually hide in the mysterious Sea Elf eggs. Different sea elf eggs hatch different sea elves.

Fantasy of Atlantis Hack Basics

Try and put 3 identical items together. They will be merged into 1 item of higher level. Tap to see the goals needed to pass the stage. Achieve goals to pass stages. Sea elves can collect items for you to use and merge. You can tap the Ocean's hearts to release the healing power. With more sea elves, we can clear the nightmare forest. Every part of the nightmare forest requires a certain amount of sea spirit to wake. You can double tap on some objects and let the sea Elf collect new items. You can speed up by tapping on cabin to make Elf complete rest immediately.

Hint & Tips

1. Try to upgrade the item to the highest level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gallery points, stamina, vip, auto merge, gems, chest, jewel, speed up, gold, species, battle pass, turtle island, extra lands.
3. There are too many dead plants? Drag your Sea elf to solve this puzzle for you.
4. You can choose rewards at the ened of each stage.
5. Usually there will be gold and some species. Your rewards will be sent to the magic trophy ball in the camp.

Fantasy of Atlantis Hack tools Version:


Fantasy of Atlantis Redeem code - premium gift box

1. z2hXEhk281rTjhV
2. P2qinM55y9E9fYb
3. TxX8K2XtYvJX6UT
4. ckMcQf7S7eUIiJf
5. R0lOwiamL3Ee6XZ
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