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Game story

Good morning my Lord! these are your new lands. It's full of valuable resources and we need your extraordinary management abilities to turn this shoddy place into a thriving city. For now this place looks a little ruined. Only the sawmill works. Press on it to see what we can do. The sawmill produces logs which will be very useful later. Let's increase its production. Warehouse - all manufactured goods are store in it. There are some logs. Lets sell them and earn some coins for further improvements.

Fantasy town Hack Basics trucos

By selecting a product and using the slider, you can select the quantity of the product you want to sell. Now lets start upgrading this place. Your assistants are already waiting for the opportunity to get down to business. By completing tasks, you get new levels and rewards. You have now completed all the tasks, so take your reward. For the growth of the place, we need new buildings and goods. We have a lot of untreated wood. Let's build a carpenter workshop.

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evolve - hVG2EsRaY
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To build a building, you need to study the appropriate technology. Studying the technology requires certain resources. For example, 10 logs are required now. But after studying the technology, you get the production building for free. Workers are required to operate production buildings. Let's pick one of your assistants and assign them to building. Choose Agatha,she knows how to make excellent cudgels that can be easily sold to barbarians of neighboring tribes.

Fantasy town Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. I've prepared the main points that will help you in the settlement development. They are displayed on top. For completing them, you get a reward and a level that is required for some technologies.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Fantasy town cheat code - give: materials, items, coins, speed up, main points, skil 24 hours, off ads, premium manager, dragon chest, diamonds
3. The technology development has been completed. How did i improve the sawmill with wood, you ask? I've traded the wood you gave me for a good saw in nearby village! It's easier to work now. There are many valuable resources here. It takes your extraordinary abilities to turn this hole into a thriving city.
4. Manufacturing growth - increases the number of items produced by 20% for 1 hour in all buildings.

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