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style - use Si0zjmxPa
glory - CGqYtUQRc
secret combination - aG3tDTCqd
legendary card - jYRwulu3D
double rewards - JSuMYwNkp
materials - x4oHOriAu
treasures - 6mb7JyY2d
gems - 0f3ZoHuZ2
gold - A5k9oDopg
stamina - cBLutyhXo
admin panel - 5q1MrjROE
evolve - xlv3gyr4R
rank up - cCopNirrT
energy - z0dTdDT89
crystal - IIjRo4Ecv

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

- The landing will be near, i'm gonna get to it and crush it even before it opens its eyes.
- What you do is so disgusting! Attacking other fateless when they just arrive before they even have a chance to defend themselves.
- It's called 'destroying the competition'! it's not like a native like you who can't even use arcana cards could do anything to prevent it.
- Those are my potential clients you are messing with! So i will certainly try!
- Silly native, even if you get to it i will crush you both. You think a noob can stop me? This loser doesn't even have arcana cards! Easiest fight ever!
You are a fateless, someone who is out of fate and as such you can unleash the power sealed within arcana cards. I just gave you a deck, so try to imagine you are wielding the weapon in the card and you will be able to summon it.

Choose your staring battle deck: battle axe, stell dagger, or witchstaff. Witchstaff - e,powers skills, favored by focused and smart fighters who master cold. Steel daggers - e,powers skills, favored by agile and keen fighters who master lightning. Battle axe - empowers skills, favored by fierce and savage fighters who masterfire.

Fighters of Fate Hack Basics trucos

Let me give you a few pointers so you can kick this bully outta here! A fighter is defeated when their HP get to 0. Use the power of your skill cards to be the last one standing and win. Bottom bar - these are your skill cards, they hold all sorts of powers and skills for you to use in battle. To see detailed information of what each Card do, tap and hold over it. To use skill cards you must build combos by adding cards in sequence to the launcher. As you can see you don't have any 1 card in your hand, but don't worry. You can swipe down any skill card to tuen it into a link 1 basic attack and add it to the launcher.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - zzivFrImW
level up - bW2ntWQMv
daily pack - enter pass 9hTy74oOD
admin account - 18y2rhHLc
Month Card x1 - r2OUnbH8y
booster pack - bm5BbeMzx
evolve - nuB8jjytt
enhance - JuPIGAfbU
Basic attacks are lin 1 skills, and you can add as many as you want. Since you now have a link 1 card in the launcher, you can now add a link 2 card. Swipe up to add it to your combo launcher. With that link 2 card in the launcher you can follow the combo and add a link 3 just by swiping it up. You can't add the 5 card yet, because you don't have a 4 card to link into it. When you are ready swipe the combo launcher to the right to initiate the clash. At the beginning of each round you draw cards from your battle deck to replace the ones you have used last round.

Fighters of Fate Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Skill cards of a type weak to your weapon's type will have a small disadvantage. This penalty is higher with skills that target yourself.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: style, glory, legendary card, materials, treasures, gems, gold, stamina, evolve, rank up, energy, crystal
3. The weapon card you put in your deck determines the basic attack added to the launcher when you discard.
4. The type of the weapon card you put in your deck determine the effectiveness of skill cards used against you.
5. The deck icon in battle show how many skill cards are left in your deck before having to reshuffle. Tap and hold the icon to check the links of those cards.

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