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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hey, look who it is! I heard this whole lot is yours now, you lucky duck! I'm here to show ya the ropes of the movie biz. Let me know if you'd like me to help you get started, otherwise, happy movie making, kid! You're gonna be a star! Have a look around the lot with the WASD keys, zoom in for a closer look with the mouse wheel. If i were you, i'd start by building a scriptwriting office. That's where the magic starts, ya can't make a movie without a script. Click the add building icon and select the scriptwriting office. You can rotate the building with the Z and X keys, place it by pressing the left mouse button. You can customize your lot for what works for you. Every good movie needs a crew! Before the film starts to roll you need to hire your staff and assign them to their roles. First thing first, we need a scriptwriter, the scriptwriter will make your scripts as you conduct your other duties. Hire - here, you can see potential hirees in various filmmaking positions.

Filmmaker Tycoon Hack Basics

To get started in pre-production we need to build a movie set. You can build many sets across your lot and then choose from them in pre production. For now, i recommend a studion apartment to get started. Now that we have a bit of a foundation, the real process can begin! every movie starts with pre production. See this big ole blue button - that's where the magic happens! Go ahead and click on it. This is the pre production panel. This is where you will start the process ti bring your movies to life. Iver here you can see the screenwriter you just hired. Go ahead and drag them down to assigned scriptwriters. You can hire staff at any point. That includes screenwriters, directors, and actors! Once you hire them, they will spend time on the lot until you assign them to a movie. Next, you can begin building your scene. You can select which movie set you would like your movie to take place in. Configuration - over here we can see what sorta ideas are bouncing around your scriptwriter's head. Go ahead and click on one to see a brief pitch of what the scene is about.

Filmmaker Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Storyboarding - here you can continue to add scenes as you see fit. Just remember, the more scenes you have in your movie, the more expensive it will be!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: hire, bonus, movie sets, speed up, money, actors, director, special skills, 5 star rating, staff, fans, upgrades, research, extras
3. You can see your scriptwriter's progress on the top right. While you wait, if you haven't already, let's hire a director while the scriptwriter goes to work.
3. Now is also a goo time to fo other tasks around your lot. Movie making is a full time job, you know! You can decorate your lot to create a better environment for your staff. A happy crew is a good crew.

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