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Final Dungeon Game story

In the beginning there was the Great Tree. Its branches contained something like strange flowers, where worlds blossomed. Keystone is the central flower. Keystone is were the portals to other worlds are located. The main holiday of all the known worlds is the Day of the Tree. On this day everyone sets off bright lanterns into the night sky, which symbolize the worlds that are all connected by a common destiny. People are celebrating on the streets already! I'll go first. If you want to skip the scene and join me, tap here.

It's about to start! If we don't hurry, we'll miss it all! And everything here is so beautiful! Especially when they all release lanterns together! The sky seems to come alive...You promised we'd do it all together this year, remember? Do you have your lantern? Speed it up! Just saw the Great Guide Pi Yao in the crowd! He must be going to start the ceremony. Everyone's gathered! I just can't get used to seeing so many races from different worlds in Keystone. If I'd stayed at Asgard. I'd never have met anyone. Including you...What...what's happening? I hear people screaming! I'm scared! Rake my hand....!

Final Dungeon Hack Basics trucos

Tap an enemy to select them as a target. Your character will attack this enemy. Tap the edge of the screen to move in that direction. Tap and hold for your team to move forward until you let go. The road to the Temple goes to the right, let's go! You see that red mark above a character, friend? It means that this person is hostile towards us. Be careful! To fight an enemy, you must get close to them. There are three character classes: Hammers, Potions and Scrolls. Hammers are powerful against Potion, Potion are strong against Scrolls, and Scrolls are skilled against Hammers. Aina is a Hummer class character. The abilities of this class are more effective against Potions, but less effective against Scrolls.

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Every time we lose a character in a fight , we get one star less. You have to keep you comradrs safe! In the reward screen you will see everything you've wom in this adventure. Current Guide level defines a maximum level of your characters and their abilities. With each adventure we're getting to know each other better...we're growing closer. I have something for you! See that red dot? It means I have something new: for example, I can put on a new item, improve an skills,'s easier just to show you! We travel as a team, but each of us has our own path, you own tasks...we call them "Missions". They help you look at each character in a new way!

Final Dungeon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. I just noticed that there is a boot icon with numbers above all the interesting items. This must be how much Stamina it uses.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Final Dungeon cheat code - give: stamina, resources, legendary heroes, shards, temple chest, increase stats, summon x10, gold coins, scrolls, gears, promote, gems, artifact
3. Isn't it nice of the world to tell us that? By the way, up at the top you can see our total Stamina. I suggest keeping an eye on it. What if it runs out?
4. You can have a maximum of three characters in your team.

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