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Final War Iron Army Game story

In recent years, the oil crisis has seriously affected world economy. For exclusive control of the oil resources, the wicked Doom Corps waged frequent war and caused great disasters. Countries are declining and order collapsing. The whole world is crused with conflict and cofusion. The valiant Liberty Army stepped forward boldly, fighting for peace! The sixth Battalion of the liberty Army you are serving in just engaged in a force battle and suffered griveous losses. You led the surviving troops to the defensive position...
The Doom Corps have seized several neutral territories and countless homes have been destroyed. We've lost contact with most of our allies. But The Liberty will not give up the fight! Our overarching mission is to bring peace to the world! You have been appointed the supreme commander to lead the front line. Please use outstanding strategic deployment skills to lead us to victory!
Thank you fir accepting the mission at this extremely critical and difficult moment! As your advisor, I'll give my absolute best to serving you. The enemy is ten times stronger than us. We've lost the ground. To avoid unnecessary loss of lives and preserve our strength, please give command for a strategic relocation to build our base against the Doom Corps!

Final War Iron Army Hack Basics trucos

You can turn off the screen and open it again to view. Commander, this open space with level terrain is quite ideal for the construction of a base. Order to construct a base here. The new base looks great! But the Doom Corps could detect us to any second. We must train more troops in preparation for their encirclement. Oil is an essential resource for Producing Combat Vehicles. First of all, we need an Oil Well. Oil is a kind of resource. You can produce more Oil by constructing and levelling up an Oil Well. This produces combat vehicle units and after levelling up, you can accelerate your production speed, increase the number produced at one time. The War Factory can construct Armored Vehicles and Tanks.

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The enemy is coming on in full fury. You need to promote an officer to command this tank unit! Please tap on Hero Building. Please tap Recruit once to conduct Hero Recruiment. Elite Recruitment - Ten times gacha will get Epic or Legendary hero. Please continue developing the base as planned to resist the Doom Corps' incessant attacks. Our top priority is to reorganize our troops and focus on the development! Upgrade your Base to unlock more architecture, raise the architecture level cap, and increase your marching troop cap. War situation changes fast. Constructing a Radar can help you learn more about your enemy. A radar can Scout the enemy's military strength at its base as well as send alerts about an enemy invasion and gain detailed military intelligence.

Final War Iron Army Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Some structures have extra conditions to meet before upgrade. Construction time less than 7 minutes can be completed immediately for free.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Final War Iron Army cheat code - give: vip, resources, speed up, gold, elite recruitment, premium troops, money, oil, steel, activity points, energy, intelligence, instant research
3. The wall level is a prerequisite for Base upgrade. The Wall is where you can station your defense troops. Levelling up the Wall can increase the capacity and DEF of defense weapons.
4. You may continue upgrading the base level, building an Infantry Plant or leveling up the War Factory.
5. Money is a kind of resource. You can produce more Money by constructing and leveling up a Bank.
6. Radar - This can be used to scout enemy bases and issue early alerts of attacks. After leveling up more detailed military information is provided.
7. Level Commander up to obtain Strategy points, which can be allocated to Military, Industry, and Logistics Strategies. Points can be allocated to unlocked Strategies freely. Tap tabs to switch between different strategic directions.
8. Air Power - Upgrading the tank factory and unlocking higher-level armored vehicles can effectively reduce the combat damage of the troops.
9. Different troop types have counter advantages. We should develop various troop types simultaneously. Let's for an air force first to increase our all-around capabilities. Aircraft Plant - This produces air force units and after leveling up, you can accelerate your production speed, increase the number produced at one time.
10. Commander, it willl take some time for the plant to produce. However, all neglected matters are yet to be dealt with. We are in need of various Resources. If we adopt the guerilla tactics to launch a Surprise Raid on the enemy's scattered troops, we could capture their Logistics Materials and quickly obtain development resources! Tap Search for a quick search of enemy soldiers and Resource structures by their level.
11. Military development depends on the assistance of technology. Researching skills allows us to unlock advanced troops and build a stronger army! Build a research institute to develop unlock more advanced troop types.

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