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starter's pack - use hack eSIkxAh4t
resource - enter pass XshxoDjbc
gem - V3bC8niwe
l chip - a4QPhiqS6
booster pack - ab4xCxR3j
legendary commander - 0E2jofrWw
Month Card x1 - T6bR00ghs
upgrade - JdUg0egja
daily gift bag x10 - VClXI4elB
secret combination code - xlxuyzFvm
fusion - 9KRqLtw1e
matl - rMyJrmwMQ
crystal - uOjkILhlr
weekly box - jjnpvxsZu
welcome pack - ItPlx2rbt
speed up - 41c0X8xUI
level up - xy1WdbGKl
battle pass - 4dJdUDoNF
vip status - dRymrTVvL

Firestrike Tactics use cheats
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Game story

Commander, the future is in your hands. We shall not let the Captain's sacrifice be wasted. Here comes another troops of Predator! Not ime to rest, hold your position! Warning, we are surrounded by NET Neuron node's electromagnetic field. We need to defeat more Predators to weaken its power. But currently, we only have 0,0001% chance of winning in field battles. Recommend to repair defense turrets, to protect against invasion. Detected steel in the target sector. It is mandatory resource to repair defence turrets. Please occupy the sector to claim the resource.

Firestrike Tactics Hack Basics

We need to reboot our base and prepare for our retaliation. To reboot we need stabile out put of resources. Recommend to build steel factory and oil refinery. Steel factory can quickly mine and refine steel resources. There are resources scattered in the field. Collect them to ease our situation. You can lead more units by level up captains. Recommend to occupy these sectors to obtain honor score, to promote rank and unlock more features. To occupy 3 sectors in maximum efficiency, we can divide our troops into 3, with each occupy a sector. In this way, all sectors can be occupied simultaneously, greatly reduce the total time required.

Hint & Tips

1. You can gain the reward on Net neuron node's sector. Your troops can move or station in the captive's sectors.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resource, gem, l chip, legendary commander, fusion, matl, crystal, welcome pack, speed up, battle pass, vip status
3. GAIA (Galactic alliance for intercommunication & assistance) - our pounding hearts is the war chant they fear. Frontline base - it can provide reinforcement and maintenance of units. ORDER (outworld rescue, defense and expansion regiment) - we shall extend horizen of order to banish darkness of chaos. Defense array - it can protect sector. UPEA (united planet of earth alliance) - war is an art, painted by time, space and resources. Drilling industry - number of field resource buildings - 4. It can increase resource acquisition rate.
4. Higher authorization? More rewards? Prove yourself by obtaining honor score!

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Firestrike Tactics Redeem gift code

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