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Fishies Smash hack cheat code List

legendary purchase - use gZwnf4Omh
barracuda gift package - KMIdO5tyC
secret combination - NssgHEWYr
gems - MxB6GBp0T
double rewards - 59KKGqvu9
gold - Iz5yPg3lr
off ads - gfZrGt8DM
SSR fish - WHWoB3m2z
Posideon's treasures - wobPlFUHK
monthly card - qBmRZtx4I
admin panel - BzZYmk9Yx
skins - Y9e2XYd3X
pearls - IddtXt3Pu
heart of the sea - HtXYqjz3B
trophies - xGVBr5drO
pass points - use FtgUqdJvp

Fishies Smash use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Let's get started. it's the preparation phase, let's summon fishes to defend ourselves. Press the summon button. You have already summoned 3 fishes, summon more units when you can. The same characters with the same stars can be combined to make a new stronger fish. Combine at any time. New Fishes are random. You randomed a 2 star sword fishy. Your sword fishy will appear at the beginning of the next round. Before that, you can also increase the sword fishy's energy level. Energy upgrades will increase the attributes of the sword fish. Summoning units and upgrading energy will use SP, managing SP is the key to victory. Sword fishy's attributes have greatly increased. He's ready to battle.

Fishies Smash Hack Basics trucos

We can raise characters in our alcove. More units will find more treasures for you. Try to raise as many fishes as you can. Now that we have some soldiers, let's make our home vibrant again. I miss how vibrant this place used to be. If we win enough pearls we can restore this place back to it once was. Try to summon characters to fill the board. Generally fishies are stronger than upgrading randomly upgrading. We gained enough pearls to spiffy up the alcove a bit. Before we do that, we should clean up the mess. Repairing lights is only the first step. We need more pearls. Let's complete some more. Do you need diamonds? Invite friends, friends joined, bind their facebook account to get rewards.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Xv7jsNURO
level up - UdPOJUpRt
daily pack - enter pass 1Qb4tBy9V
admin account - Pg4rzrerE
Month Card x1 - Z8V4T2dgB
booster pack - zw0DcIqTT
evolve - MYGHY9H8E
enhance - DycbaxcKR
Fishy details: Electric Eel - summon an electric Eel to fight, unleashing chain lightning with reduced damage to attack up to 5 enemies. Swordfishy - it will charge at the enemy at the beginning of the round. Dealing bonus damage to the first target hit.

Fishies Smash Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Balanced lineups are the key to victory. Lacking a front row tanks will lose you the battle.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary purchase, barracuda gift package, gems, gold, off ads, SSR fish, Posideon's treasures, monthly card, skins, pearls, heart of the sea, trophies, pass points
3. Co-op lets 2 players to play on the same team against endless waves of enemies.The more waves you survive, the more chests and keys will be rewarded. CO-op resets every day at 08:00. Chests contain many rewards, do don't miss out.
4. Upgrading fishies can increase the critical damage of all units.

Fishies Smash Hack tools Version:


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