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Flavor Snake hack cheat code List

heroes - use hack Maak6vgwQ
daily pack - enter pass 6Qjr6kLsr
skills - 7jnTgBmKF
stars - ATynrLJLd
booster pack - oQNPHUOf9
gems - ZIUHLMJgN
Month Card x1 - iseHFqw5m
upgrade - G9f7VXoZx
daily gift bag x10 - xWOMDNm9P
secret combination code - 08NOFS790
exclusive avatar - AQhBDMzVt
boss mode - XOvaitbcc
stones - 0jOTb3zHr
weekly box - 73xlfof84
ingredients - yMbWptqZZ
off ad - IvKglr2zm
level up - O9AWKrWAY
skins - w8sWZKn5c
battle pack - OAxzXVUWj
power ups - UnbmGWCfh
pets - MdJp9g77C

Flavor Snake use cheats
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Game story

Flavor town, your home, a magical place filled with delicious ingredients. Until one day...Four evil chefs show up. By using dark magic, they have stolen all of the flavor essences. Without flavor essences, the chefs in flavor town can no longer cook delicious dishes. Young chef, combine your forces with the heroes and take back the essences. Clear the first level of each restaurant to unlock the Dojo mode. Here you can fight against the enemies in this restaurant and try out all the buff items. In case you can't clear a level, you can train your skills here (of course, there are no rewards in the Dojo)

Flavor Snake Hack Basics

I'll show you how to play this game. Our purpose is to gather flavor heroes, defeat the 4 evil chefs and retrieve our essences. The controls in this game are intuitive: slide to change the direction of your characters. Wow, you're such a great chef! Let's take down John's Fries and recover our Essences. Beware not to collide with enemies; move around and attack. Try different heroes as leader in different levels. Each has their own advantage.

Hint & Tips

1. Rewards depend on stars. Stars depend on the time needed to pass a level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: heroes, skills, stars, gems, stones, ingredients, off ad, level up, skins, pets, boss mode
3. Kill an enemy team's leader for a headshot and receive a large fury boost.
4. TO reverse the direction of units you need to make a U-turn with 2 slides.
5. A burning fury means your power skill is ready. Double tap to unleash your power skill.

Flavor Snake Hack tools Version:


Flavor Snake Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 5UhCt2orT1QZgrm
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5. FzMUmEqnwOE2Puz
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