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tactics - GXmbmHDWP
formation - use R01NfMGyq
style - WCucnOE2H
search x10 - iPuWlAZyG
awaken - LNcTOd2EG
air tickets - UoklE3TJm

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Game story

It's such a pleasure to meet you. As i mentioned on the phone, i really hope that you'll succeed in leading the team to win the championship. As one of the best amongst the most successful coaches, we really appreciate your tactical concepts and unique approach to the game. Here we prepared some start-up resources for you. Hope these will be helpful on your way to win the championship. To help you better on building the football team, the stock holders have provided you with some essential star up capital, a team base building, and also prepared a signed contract with a star player who may help at the early stage of your journey.

Football Master 2 Hack Basics trucos

We are facing a strong team. We must pay more attention to the situation and change tactics to find a way to win the march. The opponent focuses on the mid lane, we can't find any opportunities there. We must change our strategy to make a difference on another side of the pitch. We have both Messi and Ronaldo. When the mid attack brings no threat to the opponent, you may choose Ronaldo or Messi to attack from the left or right side respectively. Neymar managed to break through our defensive line. It's time to reinforce our defensive strategy. Let's launch our counterattack and take this game now!

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upgrade trucos - se8NXyKPd
level up - gYNO2btXY
daily pack - enter pass wO7VRKUus
admin account - LIUBMqCIs
Month Card x1 - 88MoqBOyh
booster pack - yIfOJ97iP
evolve - 9ktOL7S6G
enhance - QgL3nqjdK
After winning Portuguese League, we'll get a championship trophy and sign these 5 powerful players above. A great chance to get stronger. Let's set off for our first goal. A decrease in stamina will result in a decrease in player's ability. How could it be? What a terrible mistake made by the goalkeeper! We must strengthen this position after this match. An experienced goalkeeper has been discovered by our scout. Let's sign him. You can place him in the next match's starting lineup now. Players' performance will be affected by their level of stamina during matches, do not let them run empty. It's time to recover their stamina! Check to auto recover stamina for our players before a match.

Football Master 2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If opponent players cut into the penalty area too often, you need to change your defensive tactics. We should learn more about the opponent's offensive tactics so we can improve our defensive level. Enemy are attacking with a combination of left wing attack and individual performance tactics. We should figure out a way to defend this.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: money euro, stamina, skip, S* player, keystone, tactics, formation, style, search x10, awaken, air tickets
3. Change your tactics when you offence is blocked. Level up your tactics to enhance their effect.
4. Development materials will be returned when dismiss players, so don't hesitate to level up.

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