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Forgetful Dictator hack cheat code List

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unlock flags - enter pass iiTf4Go3j
answer questions - mT7k5T1Fe
no dino - nqjqnqbbf
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armies - esUZoivSp
Month Card x1 - iHVVpmCcM
upgrade - Wun0IUfN9
daily gift bag x10 - h714Oh6du
secret combination code - FOMNrV8ES
score - 8dvymmdfK
resistance - AO3YjOKhh
hints - mqQoXHQ9a
hard mode - 2n7VIJIYx
weekly deal - o9GDpR85c

Forgetful Dictator use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Your goal is simple: conquer the world! To conquer a country, type its name and press enter. If you're stuck you cna use intel to reveal some letters. It's time, prepare to conquer the world. We found a war chest, open it. War chests can provide extra armies, intel, and much more. Some nerds joined our cause. We're putting them to good use on this next upgrade. +1 army - if you run out of armies, you lose. +1 intel - provides hints on country names and trivia questions.

Forgetful Dictator Hack Basics

The spymaster seems keen on finding a good location for an evil base. You could conquer somewhere suitable for her. After we've conquered the world, we'll conquer the stars! That last country we conquered had piles of filthy money. Let's reappropriate it into an upgrade. +500 score - gain a juicy 500 billion in war debt, for tax purposes (affected by score multiplier).

Hint & Tips

1.&32;Dino resistance - increase the number of countries the dino can take before we're overrun.
2. Use cheat code, and give: unlock capitals, unlock flags, answer questions, no dino mode, intel, armies, score, resistance, hints, hard mode
3. If the plit keyboard is not to your preference, you can expand it. Try pressing the pictured key on the bottom right of the keyboard.
4. Score - reparations ar the war damages you have caused (in billions). In other words, this is your score. You gain 100 billion war debt when you conquer a country, and 50 billion when you get a trivia question correct. With consecutive correct answers, you can increase your score multiplier.


Dino dictator - my worst enemy. We must defeat him before more countries fall to his tyrannical tyrannosaurus rule. If the Dino dictator takes over enough countries, you'll be overrun! Quickly conquer his countries and answer the trivia question to defeat him.
If you're stuck without intel, you can ask the army. They will make their best guess at the answer. The army has a 50/50 chance of success. If they're wrong you'll lose two armies. You can gain armies from upgrades and certain trivia questions.

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