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Forgotten Tales Game story

You awaken in the woods with no memory of how you got there. You feel weak, but you are sure you once felt much more powerful. In the distance, you can hear the sound of somebody chopping wood. At that very moment, you realize that you do not even know who are you, or even your own name. You decide to head south towards the sound of the Woodcutter, in search of answers...Have fun while exploring! You can have online assistance by reading the game help or visit the game forum. You can also ask Gamemasters (GM), who have blue or golden names for assistance. They are here to ensure that the game is running and the game rules are followed. Now I will explain your character's parameters. If you forgot something, don't worry to ask me again. Tap on destination point to walk! You can enable joystick in the game settings.

Forgotten Tales Hack Basics trucos

LEVEL: determines HP, leveling up gives +2 skill points, these can be assigned to class skills. HP: determines your health, increases by LEVEL, STR and ARM. More HP means faster HP regeneration. To regenerate, do not walk or fight. STR: increases HP and determines weapon damage. ARM: increases HP and determines resistance to combat damage unless the hit was CRITICAL. DEX: determines the chance to hit an opponent. There is always a small chance to hit ANY opponent with a CRITICAL hit. DEX also reduces spell damage in PVP. MANA: determines spell effects and the cast rate. It also speeds up MANA regeneration. You have to stand for it. XP: is needed to level up. XP is obtained from quests, PvP and killing monsters. High level mages get also XP for healing. GOLD: is for payment in general. You can buy gear, followers and even buildings, after joining a clan.

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I will help you understanding this game. You can also read the game help in the app's menu. First, I will teach you how to pick up items. They are dropped by killed monsters or by looting treasures. In this game, you can explore the world and solve quests, fight monsters. You can craft items and you can join clans to enjoy PvP. Look at unit factors. You can increase these factors when a character levels up or by using better equipment. ARM: Increases HP and determines resistance to damage. STR: Increases HP and determines overall damage. DEX: Determines the chance-to-hit an opponent. There are things in this world which need accomplished many times. As an example, I will be crafting a short sword for you every day.

Forgotten Tales Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When you receive a Daily Quest, you will notice in your quest log a (DQ). This is the indicator that this quest will reset to be accomplished every day.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Forgotten Tales cheat code - give: gold coins, artifact, weapon, equipment, free shop, rune, premium class, pets, mount, craft materials, increase attributes
3. During movement, you can set some waypoints with L. This will give you the ability to determine a specific path for your character, instead of the suggested path. To cancel a waypoint you just have to L again on it.
4. If the movement area becomes orange, this means you will sprint. Sprinting will allow you to move further, but will consume both your action points and end your turn. Move your Thief closer by setting waypoints on the highlighted tiles to cancel the orc's overwatch. You can also use L to make all active overwatch zones appear.
5. Characters with high charisma will gain a higher bonus to their Precision for every supporting character. Here, the Ranger has a 9% bonus to his precision instead of 5%, thanks to his charisma.
6. Finally, as support does not require an action, a character can support an attack even if they have already taken their turn for this round. Keep that in mind when orienting your characters!

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