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Fort Triumph Game story

It was nightfall, and the Smouldering Soup Inn was busting with activity. The recent economic troubles had folks concerned, which in turn demanded spending coin to take their mind off such things. A hooded character quietly approaches the tavern's entrance, where a large troll loiters menacingly.

Always look for smart ways to utilize the environment to your advantage! Move the Paladin using A. All actions cost Action Points. The AP indicator near the cursor indicates each action's cost. To attack enemies, target them and press A. Hammer Strike costs 2AP and requires you to stand next to the target. "Overwatch" and "Attack of Opportunity" can also be triggered by pushing or lifting enemies. Your chances to hit enemies behind cover are low. FLANK the Peasant, then ATTACK him with your bow. The Action Breakdown bar at the top of the screen will tell if your enemy has cover. Use R to zoom or rotate the camera. Grayed out enemy cards indicate the enemy is not in your line of sight. Ranged heroes can use OVERWATCH which will allow them to attack the first enemy that moves in line of sight. Use this ability to slay the Skeleton. Pressing End Turn will automatically put all ranged heroes on OVERWATCH if they have enough Action Points.

Fort Triumph Hack Basics trucos

Buffs and other statuses are visible over units heads and on their card, that way it's easier to know who's on "Overwatch". When deciding where to move to, enemies highlighted with an outline will be in sight from your destination tile. Pushing and pulling lead to physical interactions that cause damage and other effects. Try to KICK the Spiderling into a rock. Move into position, the use L and R to select the ability and A on the target. Stunned enemies lose 2 AP, making them unable to attack. On the next turn after being stunned, units gain STUN PROTECTION, requiring two physical interactions to stun them. Continue to damage the Spiderlings with KICK in order to kill them. The different urns in the Crypt cause a variety of effects...Watch out! Topping tall objects can also STUN enemies, and deal more damage then regular physics hits. Use WHIRLWIND to topple the tree on the Goblin Scout's head.

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You can select enemies with X to see how far they could reach and attack on their turn. Keep using WHIRLWIND utilizing the environment in order to kill the Goblin Scout. Remember that STUNNED units cannot attack, but that on their next turn they gain STUN PROTECTION. When choosing an offensive ability, hit chances will appear on all enemy cards in sight. Units can also get STUNNED by hitting other units. Use GRAPPLE HOOK to pull one of the Goblin Raiders into the other and STUN both. During combat, you can see your active enemies' cards on the top right. Open your town by pressing X on it. This is your Town. Here you may construct or purchase Buildings, Heroes, and Upgrades. Select the Guild and purchase the Party Size upgrade.

Fort Triumph Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Leave the town in search of the fourth party member. You may return to town at any time to conxtruct buildings and purchase upgrades by pressing X on the town icon.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Fort Triumph cheat code - give: research, members, hire, stamina, action points, evolution, rune, item, 5 stars hero, battle pass, starter pack, gold coins, gems, workers, speed up, materials, premium equipment
3. This is the World Map. You may explore and interact with any monsters, events and locations. The enemy faction will also explore and gain strength every turn, so make haste.
4. Story Missions summon your strongest Heroes of each class. The meeting place with the hero from the poster lays deserted, but as you move close you spot a group of goblins in the distance. This is a story mission - your highest level heroes of each class are summoned to it, with preference to heroes in the interacting party.

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