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Game story

The war of two ancient dragons brought devastating disasters. As time goes by, the civilization gradually revived. Scattered tribes developed and reunited to the previous prosperity. Covered by the weird runes, life faded away in the abyss. As the runes appeared on the night sky, the devil awakened. The monsters raged everywhere, fire seemed to brun down the whole world. While the war of fate just begun. Welcome to the 1024th lord Trials. You've earned the chance to enter sky arena - boot camp. We wish you the best of luck. We'll aid you on your journey to become a full fledged Lord. Let's start by entering the sky arena. Destroy the core to win.

Forts Mobile Hack Basics trucos

The buildings at the rear have been destroyed. Deploy Mag on the enemy's isle so we may strike at their core. As long as you continue to win in the sky area, you will receive rewards to bolster your isle. The trials from here on out will be much more challenging. You should upgrade your isle before starting the next battle.

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Buildings: energy core - the core of an Arekas floating isle. All plots needs to be connected to the energy core to remain afloat. The isle falls apart when it is destroyed. The HP of your base's core is determined by the total HP of your other buildings. Flak base - can bombard air enemies. Periodically spawns a rotorcraft (can target land and air enemies). Rapid crossbow - long range with ery fast attack speed, can target only land enemies. Warhorn - increases attack of ally units until it is destroyed.

Forts Mobile Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Open chest to receive your rewards. It will take some time to unlock the chest. You can continue to fight in the game or upgrade your base. Use gems to instantly open the chest.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: arena pass, gems, gold, deluxe chest, legendary hero, emperor chest, raise arena tier, speed up, resources
3. Rise your arena tier to increase the number of buildings you can place on your isle.
4. Siege hero - prioritize enemy buildings in attacks. Minion - specialize in taking down large enemies. Assign Skalm to a hero banner and he'll be able to join the isle for battles. That hero is an AoE character and can deal area damage. Flying hero - movement is not restricted by the terrain.

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