Cheats hack Four Gods M code:arcanum, sss equipment, enhance, attributes, dressing, grow points, red gems, event pack Four Gods M Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Four Gods M hack cheat code List

arcanum - use 7CU8EPJyo
sss equipment - FexOqaeLB
secret combination - I9FkrRIGw
enhance - zIuA579uo
double rewards - hGbG3EBHs
attributes - ui2n4BmSM
off ad - GLZihsChf
dressing - Ld8CZ82RV
grow points - AxQHvG7Bp
admin panel - HeiFxYWsS
red gems - ZIblfjC6U
event pack - use AbHgRGq8c
daily special offer - uyZ0s123Q
limit pack - use 54PrIpi3K
green gem - r5IArlyuh
recovery potion - use 6PHFo03tb
fragments - URtPatRdx
golds - XBaxDuqcy
legendary weapon - 60TQTDOnd
defensive tool - lfyFR8NXR
accessory - t07L2jRze
materials - kipOypUwK
inventory tickets - MI7BGcjGl
dragon steles - use 8aBua6rAW
fashion set - QNbGV0YRP
odds book - 3dmODISzw
dungeon ticket - PUjs94Q0b

Four Gods M use cheats
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Game story

It's great that you're okay! Thank you for your blessing, i could survive when he investigated in Plum Blossom mountain, suddenly was attacked be Demon. Although i have escaped death. But now is a dangerous time, must tell village head. Use skill to destroy demons. Depending on level, you'll have more skill slots, don't forget to equip. This time it's my turn. I'll describe special arcanum. Arcanum can enhance skills. Arcanum brings slowdown effect. Can slow down movement speed and attack speed. Poison effect - can do damage over time effect from poison with certain chance.Collecting materials to receive special arcanum through normal craft. Each arcanum has level from D to SSS like equipment. The higher the level the higher the chance and damage will be. Try your best to receive strong special arcanum. Open chest collecting items and equipments. Click the new equipment to use.

Four Gods M Hack Basics trucos

Equipment can grow other equipments. If item reach the maximum level 10, you can use upgrade stone to upgrade. When you upgrade and choose adjuvant, chance to receive more stamina will increase. Create upgrade stone/ shop/ monster killing/ can receive dungeon rewards. Character attributes: power, agility, vitality, wisdom. Please use the remaining points. The main attribute of black Tortoise is wisdom. You will receive growth point each time you level up. Click the attribute in equipment management to receive growth point. Click view details to confirm the attribute detail.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - QmTOkmdlj
level up - l7BwxSxu7
daily pack - enter pass eD8O8dnAT
admin account - Bdafu9pXH
Month Card x1 - MXtUF88kc
booster pack - fzeVJR5xD
evolve - kUl6HdRSw
enhance - uwaHgHIao
Wait! Before you go defeating demons, will you use the talisman for increasing skill combat power? Skills: Judge - our troops are treated and inflicting damage on enemies (increases the turns of recovery by rank and level). You can upgrade level of fighting quest. Can increase EXP and gold rewards following grade C, B, A, S. Fighting requires recovery potion. It can be found in the consumable in your chest.

Four Gods M Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Begin with S rank! First recharge can ticket S ranked DEF character. Use DEF ticket S to receive S ranked DEF character for 100%.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: arcanum, sss equipment, enhance, attributes, dressing, grow points, red gems, event pack, limit pack, green gem, recovery potion, fragments, golds, legendary weapon, defensive tool, accessory, materials, inventory tickets, dragon steles, fashion set, odds book, dungeon ticket
3. Can use skill to complete quests automatically in case that you use EXP to do quick Challenge. Can change skill by menu > settings > battle.
4. Items marked with a green gem in the item information are items that can be sold to other users on the exchange.
5. CLick the marking button to follow the target and cause interface.

Four Gods M Hack tools Version:


Four Gods M Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

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10. Ob7NGLU24UZhDqw
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