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resource - use hack UTlBEoB7S
daily pack - enter pass 9cSOIrT6r
recruit token - cj3WIweRo
speed up - 2I2xfFElX
booster pack - avCfrDx5H
vip - IXcxMgmeP
Month Card x1 - 6B0t20iTg
gold - ajnCgOSMW
daily gift bag x10 - IUUAYFstC
secret combination code - 5caHvIMoi
coupon - fZa32uYow
legendary general - ZDBDUxJ1F
shield - xO30vQ848
upgrade - NZIJmFWcU
level up - bIhK5uVmA
HQ pack - EapNgFV7Y
building blueprint - lAATRFW4y

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Game story

At the beginning of 20th century, Evil generals a war that spread over the battkefields of the whole world. Desire for peace drove people to form world government, hoping to end the war. I, a mercenary general, works for world government, swearing to finish off evil generals. Take the front line camps - it makes a good command center. Ok, now let's check our enemy's set up. Tap on the screen and slide the screen to check the whole battlefield. Out target is to eliminate all enemies. Watch out for their reinforcement. See the "shiny area"? It means the place is occupied and you can deploy soldiers there. Deploy the first batch of soldiers in the occupied area. Our reinforcement is in position. Deploy more soldiers and eliminate all enemies once and for all.

Free Sky Game Hack Basics

Let's build a farmland so we have enough food to ensure sustainable supply. Let's build a smelter - it produces iron, the main resource for construction. Build the barrack to train more soldiers for the war. More resources are required to keep the base running. We can earn rewards by completing mercenary quests. Try mercenary quest to earn some money. Polish army need our help to finish off rebel forces in their country. It's important to know the enemy's set up. That's why you should always deploy a batch of soldiers to push the frontline. We need "mc infantry's" firepower to deal with the shieldman.

Hint & Tips

1. Placing baits properly could attract massive firepower.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resource, recruit token, speed up, vip, gold, coupon, legendary general, shield, HQ pack, building blueprint
3. MC infantries won't be interrupted by attacks. HP of sniper is quite low. You'd better deploy him away from the frontline.
4. Soldiers deployed a the very beginning could explore the way and push the fontline.

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