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Game story

Welcome, i am the mayor of this town. All new settlers are gifted a piece of land and a house from me. Seems like my workers missed out a painting here. How careless... Tap on portrait and i will show you how to put it back. There is a painting in your inventory. Try to hang on the wall in your home. Seems like your shirt got dirtied from all that moving. Find the avatar button in menu and give yourself fresh shirt change. Now you are ready to explore the town and make new friends. Find the map and i'll see you Downtown.

Fresbo Pixel Virtual World Hack Basics

Keep a lookout on the right side of the screen for new quests to earn more coins. Work hard and soon you will be as rich as me! You see, there are strange creatures lurking here in these woods. By poking them, they drop ingredients that alchemist can use to do alchemy on. I am going on a vacation to a tropical island. Can you help manage my staff and give them tasks to do? In return, i pay you some coins from my spare change.

Hint & Tips

1. collect more ingredients to do alchemy on! In return, i will craft something shiny for you!
2. Fishing - do you want to catch some fishes for your underwater world? Buy some baits from fisher and i can help you with that. The more experience the bait is, the higher chance of catching rare fishes.
3. Chat and make friends, explore a magical world, collect 1000s of avatars, build your own homes and lands.
4. Use cheat code, and give: cash, gold, magic worms, unlock locations, recipes, ingredients, platinum box, premium pack, pet, furniture

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