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resources - use yzCAU8brU
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Frostfall Game story

We called it the Year of Frozen Tears. Frost overtook the world, and out of it came the "Unmelted". That was when the first tears were shed. It's the Frozen Ones! Lift your shields and hold tight to buy everyone time! All others, get to the boats! Blacksmith, get everyone onto the boats! Don't panic everyone, get on the boats one by one! Protect everyone so they can flee safely! These creatures are like something from my nightmares. Don't fear, child, just remember nightmares always end. Someone needs to hold these monsters off. You cast off first. Take them to the City of the Dragon's Flame and find the Dragon! May the flame burn and the frost melt! Many great legends start with heroes leaving home, but mere flight won't inpsire any poems. What inspires bards is not fear or resentment, but the hope that lies at the end of your journey.

Frostfall Hack Basics trucos

Blacksmith of Dragonshield - It's a big city. The Dragons from the songs may still be here somewhere. It'll take some searching if we really want to find and awaken one. It's late, and half-destroyed walls are still better than none at all. Let's start a fire and make camp here tonight. May the flame burn. Let's move on and find a place to make camp. The castle still looks pretty solid, we could use it for shelter. I'll take a look at it. Only two things can stop those creatures: walls and fire, so let's fix up those walls first. If you look carefully, you can always find something useful in the ruins: wood, stones, gold...

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level up code - ZNKt58OHE
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Sword Wielderd can effectively defend against Unmelted Archers with their shields. Your Dragon is not yet hatched. When it is ready you can send it out to battle or gather resources alongside your troops. Your desperation ignited the Dragon's Flame, your fear built up your City's Wall, and your sorrow earned you an army. There's no question, you've been tested and forget by this long night. Protect the Dragon Egg! I'll fill those icy bastards' hearts with crossbow bolts, and kiss their necks with my dagger! If we had a bard among us, they'd surely make an epic ballad out of this battle. I'm starting to believe you have much potential.

Frostfall Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Spear Wielders can knock back enemies and hold ground.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Frostfall cheat code - give: resources, speed up, vip, advanced summon x10, legendary heroes, troops, dragon, eggs, talents points, stamina, increase storage, fragments, gold, stronghold chest, flame orb, horn, meat, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Evolution Benefit - The Summoning Circle has filled the Dragon Egg with power! Use the Dragon Flame Orb to hatch the Dragon! Choose a name for your Dragon; one your people shall cherish and your enemies shall fear.
4. A castle of this size usually has an amory and well-stocked pantry. Food and weapons, exactly what you'd need to raise a Dragon and an army.
5. Activate VIP 12 or above to unlock Quick Talent Switch!
6. Morien - arrows fly fast and true as a hawk in the desert. Bowmen under his guidance will gain his mastery when attacking.
4. Oberon - Bowmen will get an otherwordly boost to their Attack and Health.
7. Uther - infantry will have the chance to counterstrike when they're under attack.
8. Sir Gawain - gains his strength from the sun, will become more powerful
9. The Red Knight - Cavalry under his guidance can deal extra damage to troop types in a slot adjacent to the one that the troops attack.
10. Morrigan - Her presence bathes those around her in blessings, increasing Cavalry Attack.
11. Join your first Alliance: Increase your construction and research speeds! Research to empower your troops in battle. Get rare items in the Alliance Shop. Help ypur allies and guard your Territory. Safeguard your Territory from enemy raids!
12. Instant Yield - Instantly harvest 5 hours of resource production from all your resource buildings. 12 hour colldown.
13. Instant Gather Causes all troops currently gathering resources to have their load capacity filled immediately. Applies only to Food, Wood, Iron and Silver gathering. Excludes Alliance resource buildings. 24 hour cooldown.
14. Emergency Recall - Orders all marching troops to return to your City within 3 seconds. Does not include troops participating in rallies. 8 hour cooldown.
15. Colossal March - Increases your maximum march capacity by 10% for a period of 30 minutes. 12 hour cooldown.
16. Life Preserver - Converts 30% of killed troops into wounded until your Hospitals are full. Lasts for 30 minutes. 25 hour cooldown.
17. Monster Stamina - Reduces stamina consumption when attacking Monsters by 20% for a period of 10 minutes. 24 hour cooldown.
18. Population Surge - Reduces amount of resources needed to train and heal troops by 25% for a period of 30 minutes. 24 hour cooldown.
19. Instant Heal - Free instant healing of 10% of all wounded troops in your City. 24 hour cooldown.

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