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Frostpunk Mobile Game story

1886. 12. 27 Winter Frozen. The Generator! We staggered to it. This desolate camp is left, not complete yet. It was a hard race against time, and they have lost. Will it be our home? We will live! The Generator has been completed. Start the Generator as soon as possible to warm us. We are racing with the cold, our lives on the gaming table. We have few people left.Look, the Coal Piles. Workers are ready to collect coals there. Once gathered, they can be used in the Generator to provide heat. Start the energy tower generator. Built by the H.E.A.T. - Requiring coal to operate. The energy tower - has been designed like a large fireplace, made of steel. To heat us, constantly adding fuel is needed. We should have enough coals in the warehouse at all times.

Frostpunk Mobile Hack Basics trucos

Workers are needed everywhere. When less workers are collecting coals, it will likely to be that...we couldn't make ends meet, and then run out of it. There were some coals left in the Generator, shaved out by our workers lately. The coal heaps, the potato piles, the wood... Wherever resource lies, wherever a place left for you. Warm welcome awaits you. Just move your fingers. Join the workers: Collect coals. As long as our coal storage is over our safety line, people won't be cold to discontented. Your working still - is still like the first time we meet. The energy tower is burning, and the smoke is raging, whuch is particularly eye-cayching on the wasteland. Some stragglers come here, following the smoke.

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You captain here, are sizing us to make sure if we are able to work? Of course we are the most capable workers, however, almost dying after all this. We need warm tents. Then work, or anything else. Let OUR workers to lumber for woods now, then we can set up tents for these poor men. Some time could be given to them. Then look what they are going to do. If they dare to cheat our captain, hum. After all, enough tents means enough workers, due to their attraction. More people have gathered here. Are you able to remember our names? This Directing Book will be put on your left side for changing peoples' works directly in it.

Frostpunk Mobile Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Not enough to satisfy my captain? I meant to make it become your Directing Handbook, with resources producing and using on it. All is green means increasing. Some desighns of better tools will be also listed.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Frostpunk Mobile cheat code - give: workers, speed up, resources, increase capacity, manual, expansion, food, medical, gold, efficiency 300%, wood, coal, starter pack, offline reward, gold
3. We would also upgrade the tents to settle more people, with more of them in every tent. The rewards we got from our people could just meet this need.

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