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exclusive outfits - YaR2JH7M2
auto clicker - rxwNxRzFH
vip status - CFqbjAOy0
upgrade - 4yb31hyMA
level up - 8PR10FyWx
stars - 3s1PPrh47
gacha tickets - 5OyRhWJHW

Fruit Juice Tycoon use cheats
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Game story

We were wrong to borrow money from the mega sky group in the first place. Even so, mega sky group's interest rates are like those of loan sharks. The only way to make money on this island is with special fruit. Let's make fruit juice and sell it. If we use the best fruit from island, we'll definitely be more competitive than the average fruit juice. I was a store manager for some time. I can let you know some tricks of the trade in the business. You'll learn one thing at a time. I'll teach you as easily as possible. The most basic thing is fruit classification. Let's start from there.

Fruit Juice Tycoon Hack Basics

What you see under there are the tools needed for the fruit business. First, you'll need to sort out those fruits for the business. Look to your left. This is a fruit sorter. All those fruits are mixed up. You can only move fruit at the bottom. After selecting a fruit, tap on a location to move it. Try moving the fruit on the left line > to the farthest line on the right. The fruit disappeared, right? Arrange 3 fruits of the same color vertically to sort them. They will turn inti the corresponding juice concentrate color. Also, drag and drop is another way to move the fruit. You see the juice concentrare container? Save the juice made from the fruits you sorted.

Hint & Tips

1. Tapping each juice concentrate bottle selects the juice, and if you tap under the juice concentrate bottle where the cup comes out you can pour it. When the juice is ready you can serve it to the customer.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: speed up, furniture, coins, decoration, exclusive outfits, pet, auto clicker, vip status, stars, gacha tickets
3. The main character's future will be decided according to achievement level. If you are not satisfied, restart and try to achieve another ending. If you restart, your CP will not disappear.

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