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Game story

Nuclear was has changed the world. The boundless flame rebuilds pur lands. At first, survivors thought they could regroup and keep fighting. But radiation creates mutants. They are invincible. They're everywhere. Human have to resist the strong enemy together. At one time, human gained an advantage and established "the might". But now it's all over again. Split humanity, massive mutants, runaway machienery...Where am i? It's getting dark, and the temperature is dropping fast. I need to find some things to stay warm. Drag to the target, or click the survival guide on the left to go. There is nothing here but some flammable things. Time to make a fire. There are mutated monsters roaming near here. If you don't put out the fire they're all gonna converge here. Now we're nearing the bottom of ur food supply. We won't stand a chance if monsters show up. I think there are a lot of unused things around here. We can modify them into some makeshift defenses to prevent any surprise attacks.

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Our first priority is food and medical supplies. We can't afford to lose any more people. There's an old tent up ahead that used to be an hospital., but those monsters came from there as well. Maybe it's worth checking out. There's no medicine left, but al least we can still use the tent. All it needs are some small repairs. Try using container over. Up ahead is the old and eerily quiet city hall. That must be where that "thing" used to work.

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Let's assign a skillful person to investigate inside. Use the tools in the food truck to clear away the debris. I found a guidebook regarding establishing cities. It says the first problem that needs to be tackled is its population, then something about industries. Well, it basically means we need to find a way to keep everyone fed. I'll keep this guide for now. There seems to be a lot of useful info in here. Let's build a facility that can produce food first.

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1. Seeing as we're clueless on how the test of the world, we should build a watchtower to scan pur surroundings.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, speed up, vip points, star level, talents, skills, legendary companion, advanced training manual, Tsukahara, Bruce Reyes, Redstar, Tindalos
3. There are other survivors. They'll never make it for long out there on their own. let's upgrade the city hall to make some space for them.
4. You can use EXP manuals on selected companions to level them up in the companion level up interface. Check heros' skill descriptions and level up selected skills using skill points in the companion skills interface.

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