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Future Summon use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The bottom left is your current hand and the next partner to join it, up to four cards in hand. Field partners are horizontal attack, if there is no enemy in the same row will directly attack the other protagonist. Our side also add effect! Let ace appear on the grid with added effect. Ace can kill the archer in seconds. Allows our archer to gain a bonus to kill the shadowman who controls the gunner. When the other protagonist's life os reduced to 0, it is victory! And vice versa.

Future Summon Hack Basics

Click the little modes on the map to challenge the level. When the battle loads, you can see who has the first hand in this battle. The first and second hads of each battle are randomly determined by the system. Neck, they have a shield that protects them from a single attack, and we don't have any means to crack it. If we don't end the fight with a single hit, we'll be very passive for the rest of the fight. Click on the character in the field to view his/her information! If you encounter an opponent you don't understand, check it out first.

Hint & Tips

1. The opponent hides behind the obstacle to occupy the ground, the obstacle can resist the attack, must first destroy the obstacle to go. The summoner can summon a lance soldier behind him or her.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: max skills, talents, star, intimacy, SSR partners, coins, special training tickets, diamonds, pets, EXP potions, energy, reset ticket, source gem, necklace, earrings, lipstick, music box, ear ring
3. Character EXP can be gained from story mode and level up a partner. After finish a mission please collect the reward at first, reward over time limit will be reset. You can view the current character's join and carry skills in the formation interface. use join and carry skill to make the battle easier.
4. Background can be changed freely in my room>future dairy>pictures.
5. Total CP = character CP+chip CP+ all partners' CP + all partners' intimacy + dream's CP + all talent card CP.
6. Special training can very likely give you a particular SSR partner.
7. Clear any dungeon to boost the auto farming reward.

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