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Gabgo Game story

I'm simon and i will show you how to play gabgo now tap anywhere to continue. First things first. Let's go to the training arena and see your driving skills. ΔΎ'll tell you the essentials there, hit the race button now! Alright, this is gabgo's training arena. i'll show you some of the basics and rules. tap anywhere to continue. When you enter an arena, your car will start moving forward if you touch the screen. tap to continue. Good, now if you want to turn righit tap and hold on the right side of the screen. And of course if you want to turn left you'll have to tap and hold othe left side. Now here is the tricky part! if you ever wanted to go backwards or slow down your car touch and hold on the both sides. that's all now let's give it a try.

Gabgo Hack Basics trucos

As you can see, your car is coloring the ground as it moves. the winner of the is the player who colors the ground the most. Each match has 4 players. all players color the ground with different colors. so the more and faster you color the ground, the better your chances of winning! Let's discuss this upper panel it's your hud and this is color bar panel. this section shows players who colored the most tiles. And this one shows your position in the match between other players. And last but not least, the emoji button. you can send emoji to all players in a match! Sometimes you have to attack rivals to win the match. That's why every car has a basic attack to complete with rivals.

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Watch out for your competitors because they can shoot you too. if your competitors blow up your car you will be banned from the game for 10 seconds. Every hero has 3 unioue talents (a, b, ultra). All these talents wll be avalable when you unlock a new hero, but to actvate them you'll have to collect talent boxes in the playng field. Actually talents are weapons or defense mechanisms help you fight back at your opponents, and to win the race. Each match takes place over a certain period of time. Now give those talents a try and show who is the boss! Check out your minimap, it will come in handy when you want to chase someone!

Gabgo Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Gabgo has 3 racing class specified by heroes, cars and talents. speedsters, fighters and defenders. now let's check them out and choose your favorite hero! Remember that you can always unlock new heroes by winning a race or just purchasing them. Let' check out your inventory and garage.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Gabgo cheat code - give: heroes, emojies, talents, coins, gems, chests, achievements, premium cars, cards, skins, speed up, vip status, booster pack, unlimited energy, weapons
3. Your inventory - everything you have and earn in gabgo will be stored here. tap on inventor button to continue.
4. To use the vault tap chest! The vauld is great for transferring items between characters on your account or just extra storage for your items
5. Now find the hero that you chose earlier, then i'll tell you how to manage it. I'll show you things like upgrading talents and heroes. Scroll up and down and find the hero you just selected.
6. Garage - you can inspect your heroes, talents and skins. also you can upgrade almost everything here from talents to heroes, even you can change heroe's skins.
7. To upgrade a telent or hero you need specific amount of cards, coins. well that depends on the card's level and parity.
8. Feel free to take a look around then go back to mainmenu by tapping on the close button on the top right. In this area you can select arena you want to play. in each match you will compete against 3 other players.
9. Each arena has different entry price and reward. By the way the winner takes all and the 2nd place takes given entry price back.
10. To kill with ultra talents you have to unlock it in inventory first.
11. Each gabgo player has two level factors. One is xp or experience that you gain from playing gabgo. You can access your xp level from here, give it a try. The other factor is the rp or rank point. Your rp will increase as you win a match and decreases as you lose one. By leveling up the rp you'll get to a higher tier.
12. By winning races you rp will increase and you'll earn more rewards. also, the leaderboard is formed on the rp of each player.

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