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Game story

This is the battle team of Mythologia, the number of heroes as the mythologia level increases. Using heroes will consume mental strength. Mental strength can be negative temporarily, but if you get hurt by the enemy, you will lose the battle. The battle of game is turn based. In the first round, the 4 heroes will be selected from the team. Since them, new heroes will be randomly added in each round. The mental strength - the damage caused by the enemy will directly damage our mental strength. Defense - the damage caused by the enemy will first be deducted by our defense. Skills can also consume our mental strength. Please pay attention to it at any time. Tap on the target then you can attack it. You can increase player rank by accumulating player EXP. Tap on the summon button to get new heroes. Let's put the new unit in the team. Tap on the image of the team leader and you can replace it.

Gadlingers Creation of the Gods Hack Basics

By touching the menu button you will be redirect to the items menu. You can switch between four menu categories: items, equipment, map and quests. Items menu is the first section of the main menu. In this section you can examine all your items divided by type. Touch the type of item at the close left of the item list to load the relative item list. You cna see details by touching one element of the list, but it is possible only for some type of items. Equipment menu is the second section of the main menu. In this section you can see every character status. Every character can be equipped with a particular type of weapon. It is possible, instead, to equip for each character the armor or the spells you want. There is a maximum of three spells you can equip per character.

Hint & Tips

1. Point - can be used for common summon. The most common currency in mythologia, used in settlements of various tasks. Player EXP - used for increasing player rank. The reward for players.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium summon, diamonds, action points AP, dry cell, battery pack, level up, upgrade, month card, vip status
3. In Mythologia, you can connect with every player around the whole world. Cannot wait to see your new friendships.

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