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Game story

We've arrived at our destination. Our intel states the Space pirates seized that Fortress, but do not have the manpower and knowledge to properly utilize it. We've sent a reconnaissance team to verify the enemy situation. The recon Center reported back. Only a small number of enemies are stationed at the fortress. Our fleet is more than winning this battle. Now's the chance to strike. We are winning. The enemy doesn't have enough men and is unable to counterattack effectively with the fortress. Obtained ownership and control of the Fortress.

Galaxy Mobile Hack Basics trucos

Since the weapon was forced to change quickly, the weaponry system has malfunctioned. We'll need some time to fix it. Based on Ash's report, there are some basic facilities left in the Fortress. We should reactivate the Recon center for intel on our surrounding. Recon ships will help us obtain information on explored regions. Send a recon ship to explore unknown areas. While waiting for information from the recon ship, we should also review and manage the fortress.

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We should ensure we have a good supply of basic resources. Fortunately, we have facilities for most of them here. Construct an energy storage. Remember to use the collect command! It lets you collect the resources quickly. The recruitment center has data of heroes from all over. Recommended heroes have been displayed on the screen. You can change the tabs to view more recommended heroes. Select a hero to start negotiations. They will join you if it is successful. You will receive supplies from the recruitment center if it fails.

Galaxy Mobile Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Note that the ship will be destroyed if it is severely damaged when the repair dock is full. Please repair heavily damaged ships in time.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Galaxy Mobile cheat code - give: research, recruit, deploy, free black market, explore, speed up, energy, metal, resources, premium modules, recruit x10, stardust
3. Heroes can be trained with EXP items. You can also increase their leadership, strategy and resource fulness. Leadership increases fleet ship capacity whereas strategy increases critical, while resource fulness increases evasion.
4. Raise hero - note that your unit must be at the maximum level before their rank can be raised. Heroes will gain new tags and passive skills when their rank increases.

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