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Galaxy Tycoon Star Trade & War hack cheat code List

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Galaxy Tycoon Star Trade & War use cheats
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Game story

Captain, sorry to wake you up. We are lost due to the damage of the ship's positioning data. On the 921th year, the positioning system was damaged when we were going through an unstable wormhole. We'll have to activate the emergency plan to survive here. Explore the planets nearby first, perhaps there will be surprised. The exploring takes some time. Click finish now button to stop waiting.

Galaxy Tycoon Star Trade & War Hack Basics

Dragging goods from right side to our storage on the left to buy. The price of goods can is raised. Selling them to Snowy planet will make profit. Load the cargo onto the cargo ship and it will sell them automatically. Click the sell button on the cargo ship to launch.
The six cabins of the spaceship have different functions: captain's room, cargos, living, technology, shuttles, manufacture, rooms. Click on each one for a look. Technology cabin - upgrade will be able to discover more planets.

Hint & Tips

1. Upgrade VIP level to receive more supplies each time: diamonds, star coins.
2. Planet produce more people and coins after being upgraded.
3. Trading market - we can make a big profit by manufacturing what they need.


Captain,we have found an unmanned planet. We could occupy it and send some embryos to it. Only with planets can our civilization continue here. We have found a command center. The people need some help and the pay is good. The ship won't be able to accommodate so many people one day. The base info panel shows star coins, population, and energy. Tap on it will show more detailed infos. Keep an eye on the energy. Lower energy will cause a reduction of star coins and population growth.

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