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Game story

In the early middle ages, contradictions within the empire became increasingly intensified. The corrupt ruling class, gradually began to split and in fighting. The former powerful empire, resources have been depleted, is becoming feeble. At present, cruel barbarians constantly conquer empires, painful people can hardly survive. After days of fierce battle, the fading empire finally could nor resist barbarians fierce attack. The holy city that passed on the history was destroyed, and unarmed people were slaughtered. A dark age os coming! Thousands of refugees ran away from their farmlands and villages, suffered poor and hunger. People needs a lord, the times needs a hero. The raising forces from all sides,all towards to reshaping the glory of the empire.

Game Of History Middle Ages Hack Basics trucos

National policy choose: Conquer by force - with absolute superiority in military strength, it won't be afraid of any enemy's conspiracy, and it will be the most likely to harvest the fruits of victory. Cultural heritage - the inheritance and unification of culture can truly conquer the hearts of the people, and leading technology will also become a huge military boost. Infrastructure power - a stable and prosperous city will inject stream of new forces into the army, and can minimize the risk of battle damage. Commercial farming - farming, accumulate grain and smooth business roads with inevitably make the city prosperous, and also provide effective logistical support for the lords to fight on the mainland.

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Lord, i am the official of this city, and i will assist you in the development of the city and territory. The powerful lord mansion can dispatch more troops to expedition. Let's upgrade the lord mansion first. Remember, the remaining time is less than 5 minutes, free upgrade is available. Mansion upgrading is completed. We are still relatively new to this new land. We need to dispatch scout out to understand the surrounding situation. First, we need to build a scout camp. You can dispatch scout ot of the city to explore the environment around the map. The scout spotted a small rebel force are marching towards our city. Please check it out.

Game Of History Middle Ages Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Facing the attack of the rebel force, we need a hero to assist us fight. Go to the summon idol and see if any hero is willing to fight for you. And we need to train soldier - build an infantry camp before training.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Game Of History Middle Ages cheat code - give: advanced blessing, resources, speed up, legendary hero, gems, teleport, stamina, shards, talent points, explore territory
3. After the cunning rebel force plundering a lot of our resources, they may hide around the city, find and defeat them! We defeat them, but in this battle, some soldiers were seriously injured and needed to return to the city to be treated.
4. Building hospitals can accept and treat severe injured soldiers. Severe injured soldiers exceed the capacity of the hospital will die directly, so timely treatment must be required.

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