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Game story

My Lord, our castle has been enveloped by a mist. Our food reserves are also nearby empty, as our workers can't gather outside the walls. Pur people are going to start starving unless we establish a farm inside the walls. Our castle just received a couple of refugees fleeing from what they describe as monsters of the mist. Our gathering teams also reported frightening and bone-chilling roars from the mist while they were outside the walls as well. Perhaps we should consider fortifying our castle walls?

Game Of Legends Hack Basics trucos

There have been whispers about an oracle near our castle. Perhaps they possess the knowledge to dispel this mist. We can send an expedition tema to the ancient ruins and ask the oracle for guidance. The strange chest is covered in mosses. It seems to be protected by a mysterious power. All you need to do is illuminate the Astral towers to dispel the surrounding mist of chaos.

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The different races of the world all have their own culture and preferences. You can discover what they prefer or dislike by repeatedly exploring the world. A hero has suddenly appeared at our castle and brought news about the monsters in the mist. We've discovered a group of monsters near our castle. We must assemble our soldiers and prepared to defend our home. We could use the eternal beacons to activate an astral towers. We should summon a hero to command our forces in the field.

Game Of Legends Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You are already very familiar with the construction of the city. I leave you a handbook of war, you can continue the follow up construction according to the guidelines.
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3. We are currently living in a dark age, and the rebels are coveting our territory! As a lord, you need to train the army, research technology, and strive to improve your strength. Cear the rebels! Reshape the glory of the empire!

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