Cheats hack Garage Empire code:super manager, of ad, auto clicker, game speed x10, cash, racing point, stats Garage Empire Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Garage Empire hack cheat code List

super manager - use hack H4I4XASe8
daily pack - enter pass rfHXVE0S1
of ad - mcu6zlbBX
auto clicker - 7eDvNNMKR
booster pack - qQ51bKOiL
game speed x10 - XUy8Vk7Ke
Month Card x1 - DKtodBbHK
upgrade - IN5NiCP6S
daily gift bag x10 - WweB1emXC
secret combination code - VboCNVdy3
cash - qzwzkzXvY
racing point - RVJo8X8bq
increase stats - bnctrnDp6
weekly box - 9IGnVF9Tg
premium cars - g7yItAj5h
cards - bSWv3Dd0U
level up - ZYPlZcqda
seasonal pack - V82SPq6hS

Garage Empire use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hey! It's so good to see you, chief. SO you've inherited your family's garage business. Or what's left of it. We'll take back your family's garages - one garage at a time. Let's start building your empire. Tap the oil change department to open the garage. Let's build a walkway and a parking lot for the customers. Your employees will automatically sell stuff. Upgrade the oil change department's product quality in order to make more cash per sale. Let's open my office now so you can start collecting cash.

Garage Empire Hack Basics

The manager will collect the money from the departments. Upgrade the briefcase to collect more money. manager needs more upgrades to keep up with production. Upgrading product quality unlocks employee training. Let's unlock hiring new employees by further upgrading product quality. Hire an employee to boost customer service speed. Let's expand business! Tap on the tires department to unlock it. Cars driving around your track pay you for each lap they finish. Tap the finish line to collect their payments. Repairing cars that enter your department is a great way yo make money. Tap on the cars to fix them.

Hint & Tips

1. Let's start collecting cars! Build a parking lot for your cars first. You can now race! Tap on the race button. Touch and hold to race. The driver will steer automatically. Lift your finger to brake. Upgrade your car by using racing points earned from racing.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: super manager, of ad, auto clicker, game speed x10, cash, racing point, increase stats
3. In order for us to beat the city boss, we need to grow business. Sell more products and upgrade departments.

Garage Empire Hack tools Version:


Garage Empire Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 7bPa1HRDhOcUZAq
2. NLnRt4TjCgIGodB
3. r4xR9NI2KpmDAHv
4. KSmCyx0Tg918Lpt
5. LAD5oajBHb5Nznx
6. BHz70318HE6welh
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