Cheats hack Garbage Hobo Prophecy code:unlimited energy, restore HP, increase stats, resources, speed up, skill points Garbage Hobo Prophecy Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Garbage Hobo Prophecy hack cheat code List

unlimited energy - use hack qxcfGB7M1
daily pack - enter pass xWGY4hpfv
gold - HlUSQ90hh
restore HP - CSq9RDNoa
booster pack - AQBW4pzsg
exclusive character - gpBLx3WYB
Month Card x1 - lnbVcnab1
speed up - UFrpuWCJ8
daily gift bag x10 - kzYNt1t2j
buff - 8DOgoGKP7
increase stats - vs7TNwbpQ
upgrade - 61h0ODkWL
level up - Q7WwE6I9l
secret combination - aSEKrI2Ry
resources - ltZiiRlHH
skill points - 4qcW6DDA4
multishot - SAedb5zds

Garbage Hobo Prophecy use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

An ancient hobo prophecy had foretold about your arrival. The chosen on who will bring back peace and stability to the streets. But there is one problem...You don't remember who you are nor what your name is. You are also naked? What? Find available resources to build essential buildings. Simple bed - good enough to rest. High hygiene loss. Build any of the gym equipment. Simple bell bar - great way to train strengt. Train your character until he is tired. Strength - specializes in strong attack. Agility - fast attacks. Stamina - defensive play. Go to sleep with your character until rested. Build a shower - gather rain water. Keeps is clean, better than nothing - 100 liters of water storage. Water storage - showering requires water which can be collected from rain and added from bottles.

Garbage Hobo Prophecy Hack Basics

When character hygiene drops to 0% unit has a chance to get poisoned or infected affliction. When hunger drops to 0% character has a chance to gain exhaustion or malnutrition affliction. When warmth drops has a chance to get fever or hypothermia affliction.

Locations: Electric avenue: that fat belly brings me hope he serves decent hotdogs. But the look on his face makes me worried. What happened? Bob - " i'm trying to sell my hotdogs here. First signing hobo, now his friends! My clients just walk past! Could you take care of it once and for all?" Repunzel - "Finally, i can chill on my balcony without that horrible hobo mumble. Would you do me another favour and bring me a flower bouquet?"

Playground: only the most notorious bad guys chill in the basketball playground at night.

Hint & Tips

1. Skills: parry - 50% chance to split damage between two characters. Fast recovery - adds 100% health regen. Energetic - adds 10% energy regen. Muscular - adds 5% of all damage. Block - 50% chance to block 70% of damage.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: unlimited energy, restore HP, increase stats, resources, speed up, skill points
3. Fire pit - regenerates warmth only when used. Stores small amount of fire. Keep adding fuel to the fire to keep your home base warm.

Garbage Hobo Prophecy Hack tools Version:


Garbage Hobo Prophecy Redeem code - premium gift box

1. c0bCYYcNGtgwhxY
2. 4qp4hfZQHIxZVrp
3. 7j1eNJB6C1HJBGN
4. 96ytAo0AQQqORKw
5. xWzLhBnG9qe0WkT
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