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Garena Fantasy Town Game story

In FantasyTown, where laughter never stopped. A horde of evil, scary, terrible Trols invaded our Town. The Trolls took everything and everyone is devastated. So now, you are our only hope, my Lord... You are gonna help us fight, riiight?? Don't worry! All the trolls have been defeated and everyone is safe! Now, allow me to show you around the town! First off, we need to fix the House. Tap the House. Fixing the House. Plant crop. Tap the Field. Drag the Wheat to plant it on the Field. Drag Wheat across the Cows to Feed them. To collect Milk, top on the Dairy Cow. Drag the Milk to collect it. Thanks to you, yor Grace, we were able to make some delicious Milk! The Wheat has finished growing. Now, we can harvest it!

Garena Fantasy Town Hack Basics trucos

There is no time to waste now. Let's get down to business. Farm - Drag the scythe to Harvest Wheat. Let's try making some Bread. Please build a Bakery. Since we don't have a Baker, I had to use a bit of magic. Let me introduce you to Coggs. Dragon is very hard to train. If he gets angry, he will burn the whole Town down! Since he's just a young'un, we sould try to calm him down with some Milk. Drag the Milk to give it to the Dragon. Dragon Shop - Quick delivery service needed! Make hefty profits by trading with your Dragon! I have plenty of Gold and EXP for you your Grace! If you have items left over keep tranding them with me in future. Aren't you looking forward to what the town will look like? I can't wait to see how you, your grace will grow our town!

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You harvested the crops, got milk, and even made Baguettes?! Great job! Now, just like that, why don't you try it yourself? I'm sure you'll do great, your Grace! For the first 5 days you login, you will gey many Citizen who will join our city! Rewards can be foubd in mailbox. You haven't forgotten about the Trading Post, have you? Our Town's items are in hot demand! I'm totally not asking bacause the town's product yields a lot of profit! A Town of this size with this many citizens requires more Fields. It would take at least 7 plots to meet the needs of the whole Town! Please send it quickly! Fresh ingredients are the key to good cooking!

Garena Fantasy Town Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. What? A citizen was kidnapped? Impossible... We must rescue them immediately! This way! I think the creature that hook him must be the Troll Capitan! I'm sure of it! He's always lurking around our Town! We need Citixens from the Town to help Save those captured! We must fix up this ruined Inn so interested adventurers can meet!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Garena Fantasy Town cheat code - give: Rare Citizen, summon, resources, gold, speed up, treasure chest, instant exploration, warrior, gear, weapons, offline reward, starter pack, vip status
3. Inn - A place to chat about your Expedition stories! You can meet new Citizens visiting our Inn. I'll introduce you to a hero as a present to celedrate the opening of the Inn! You can draw a Common Citizen needed for Production and Exploration here. You can draw a Rare Citizen here, they have powerful skills!
4. Building Tavern can unlock Login Reward. Why not entertain yourself to a drink now and then?
5. You can get the ingredients required for the recipes from exploration.The items you learn how to make later require more Recipes and Gold! You can speed up the learning process by preparing some in advance!
6. The Castle is the key building! Upgrade and Decorate! We can upgrade buildings with the materials we get from the mine! We should stock up on materials for the future!
7. You can select up to 4 Citizen and mix them with different skill effect and combat power.
8. You can move to Exploration Areas right away. Check it out as soon as you see an Exclamation Mark or a Treasure Chest Icon. If you send Citizens to the Mines, a Special Reward will be given to you. By exploring the Secret Mine you will obtain special resources needed to improve your Town. You must send your best Citizens to collect better resources!
9. The Exploration will begin as soon as you select an Adventurer Citizen to send. Select more citizen to maximize your combat power. Higher chance of reward if you increase Rank during exploration. You can reduce your exploration time using Citizen's skill! Explorations can take a long time! I'll show you how to finish it instantly - cheat code!

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