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Gemstone Legends use cheats
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Game story

The dragon we've been chasing is here! Now is your chance to prove yourself as a dragon rider. Defeat the beast and you will be able to tame it and use it powers. Every hero has their own special ability. You can use it once the mana bar is fully charged. Gain mana by matching gemstones of the same color as your hero. Tap the hero to use their special ability. We must travel across unknown lands. Discover uncharted terrain and find out what challenges await us. In the battle overview window you can find info about rewards and opponents. Tap the "fight" button and defeat your enemies. Your dragon always accompanies the team and takes part in battle. Once your dragon's mana bar is full, you can use its special power.

Gemstone Legends Hack Basics

Create power gems by matching four or more gemstones of the same color. Power gems can boost your attack, but be careful - your opponent can use them as well. Every day you will receive one bronze scroll, which allows you to summon a hero. Additional scrolls cna be looted from defeat opponents. Use color affinity on the battlefield. Attack enemies over which your current hero has a color advantage to deal more damage. 3 stars - Complete the battle with maximum 3 heroes and without losing any of them. Sometimes you might not be able to complete a battle with 3 stars. If your heroes are too weak to defeat the enemy as a team of three, come back later when your characters are stronger.

Hint & Tips

1. Collect rewards every time you earn 7 stars from battles. You need to complete all battles in a chapter with 3 stars to claim the main reward. After a victorious battle, you will loot various items including valuable equipment for our heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: platinum scrolls, legendary hero, heroic gold pack, fusions, Santa's bonus, premium set, exclusive artifact, vip dragon, points, chest of gems, special offer, welcome bundle
3. Every piece of equipment belongs to a dedicated set. Sets can consists of 2 or 4 artifacts. Have a look at the increased stats in the bottom right corner.
4. Explore the map to find new battles and hidden treasures. Tavern - here you can claim rewards for completing missions. YOu can always access quests from the bottom bar.
5. You can also increase your hero's level with a training dummy.

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