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Genesis hack cheat code List

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resources - qTwJxiPkK
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statue - rJEXaVjl6
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soul skill - rSMH79huE
speed up - use jyK9GQNZu
occupy territory - XgviuYzyT
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gems - GGmJIk51Y

Genesis use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

My Lord, rebels inbound. The rebels are marching to the palace. Please command our troops to defeat rebels. Allied commanders are marked in green, enemy - in red. Please drag the screen to check. Use hero active skill to defeat enemies. We'd better retreat now, my lord. We'll return when you are fully prepared. Rebels are way stronger than we've expected. I'm afraid we'll endure heavy attacks if we want to rebuild the empire. We were once the leader of our civilization. You can select a civilization to rebuild.

Genesis Hack Basics trucos

France - civilization feature - melee cavalry can be advanced to cuirassier, gaining MATK +2%. Japan - ranged archer can be advanced to Akazonae archer, gaining ASPD +3%. Korean - melee infantry can be advanced to Hwarang infantry, gaining PDMG REG+1,5%. China - melee cavalry can be advanced to Xiliang cavalry, gaining PATK +2%. Your empire is under reconstruction. Upgrade the palace to unlock more buildings.

enter cheat (Genesis gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ThePUT9Jm
level up - 6RAqvvjRM
daily pack - enter pass XQvxs84W4
admin account - Ul5hzcXvW
Month Card x1 - RzWwUwp36
booster pack - M4cowzO19
evolve - i5eSZ2pCP
enhance - JktWExUaW
The empire requires more resources to be rebuilt. You can find them in sea territories. The territories in this world were once ours, but now we have to reclaim them. I'll fight for the restoration of our empire. Please form a troop for me. This sea is far and secluded. While rebels haven't taken notice, let's occupy some territories. There is a territory around. Tap to attack.

Genesis Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Resource production has been increased after the territory is occupied.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Genesis cheat code - give: legendary recruit, high level commander, resources, premium troops, statue, soul skill, speed up, occupy territory, gold coins, gems
3. Use experience books to upgrade commander level more efficiently.
4. Ranged commanders can attack over a further distance, deal more damage, but with lower HP. So focus attack on them. When attack, control the commander to retreat to avoid focus attack.
5. You can move the empire to a beacon's location to occupy a territory more efficiently. Once a beacon is constructed, its surrounding 6 tiles will be within the empire's dominion. You can occupy them as your territory.

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