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Genesis Of Order Game story

World Map - Golden river valley, Capital: Leoma. The elves came here on a golden breeze and built an empire. Recommended reward 5000.
Characters: Rita Quicksilver is a princess of Nyokquis kingdom. Rather than drinking tea and chatting in the garden, she hopes to become a general one day on the front lines.
Utruk Frostmane - is a great chieftain of the frostbear tribe. He wears the skins of his father and brother on his body, as a remember to endure humilitation and move forward.
Horut Blindeye - was an outstanding scholar of the Pekasby dynasty, he firmly believed that everyone's destiny had already benn written according to the creator's will.
Debori Fiercebullet - is bold, lively and full spirit. She has always been eager to explore the unknown world and discover interesting people and things.

Genesis Of Order Hack Basics trucos

I have scoured the area. Although things look a little desolate and wild here, it is actually very suitable for a new base. It's also great for a new adventure, I can't wait to see what's behind that jungle! The land has been cleared, let us build a Residence to provide everyone with shelter. Open building queue. Residence - Increase Gold production within Fief. Sawmill - Increase Wood production within Fief. With more wood, we can build even more houses.

My Lord, please reorganize a Troop and prepare to meet the enemy. Let us build a Barracks, and hope that everything will be ready before the enemy arrives. Barracks - Shorten recruitment time, increase queues, add expansions to deploy more soldiers. After deploying units, the initial number of soldiers is 0, and they will need to be recruited. Recruiting Soldiers will require resources. When you have enough Recruitment Rushes, you can finish instantly.

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My Lord, the enemy's formation is on the opposite side. Before we attack, we must deploy a reasonable formation to counter the enemy. Mercenary Archers are good at ranged combat, but once they are attacked by the enemy in close quarters, they will loose their combat effectiveness. It is recommended that we deploy them in the back. You can arrange the crossbowmen in the back to avoid being directly attacked by enemy troops when the battle starts. Reasonable formations are often the key to victory or defeat. Once you master formation strategies, you can attack.

Building a Fief requires a lot of materials. I suggest capturing the resource lands around the city to provide a means for resource output. Occupy to gain continuous resources. Select Troop. Assess the enemy's power before attacking. Attacking requies energy. Troop energy is based on the Hero with the lowest energy. Defeat the defenders to occupy the resource land.

Genesis Of Order Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. After occupying a resource land, we will leave a conquest mark to indicate that this is your land. From the moment you conquer it, this resource land will continuously provide resources for the city. The higher level the resource land, the more abundant the resources that are produced, but at the same time you will also face stronger enemies.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Genesis Of Order cheat code - give: resources, speed up, premium troops, summon x5, 5 stars character, troop energy, gems, starter pack, vip status, title, workers
3. Hathaway - Although it is important to conquer and attack, don't forget to develop our Fief at the same time.
4. Council Chamber - Unlock other buildings; unlock more decorations; increase number of times your Fief can expand at specific levels; increase wall max HP.
5. When you complete a series of Quests, you will move on the next stage. You can check the progress from the Quest list and collect rewards.
6. When 2 armies meet on the battlefield, Soldier placement is very important; our Lancers will charge the enemy at the beggining of combat, dealing tons of damage initially. You'll receive a report after every battle. Open the Battle Report, and you can view the battle details. Watch the battle replay and understand why you won or lost.
7. The enemy has deployed powerful ranged units, if we don't deal with them, we'll be at severe disadvantage! Our cavalry charged the enemy ranged units and turned the tide of battle! A good formation will increase our chances of victory, and allow us to win battles easier.

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