Cheats hack GIGA Dragon War code:Skill book, wings, title, dragon, mount, companion, soul, CP, gold, diamond GIGA Dragon War Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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GIGA Dragon War hack cheat code List

starter's pack - use hack VNNIIA3X7
Skill book - enter pass sVmGTPcMd
wings - x04eBggJn
title - sH07Gh4xl
booster pack - WjPOz9Rai
dragon - HcZWIJEzX
Month Card x1 - WsmiGw7n9
upgrade - dynyih8bG
daily gift bag x10 - etTgjZEMs
secret combination code - oUoL9sxcc
mount - 7fUCO8ytm
companion - wqzc4ajXQ
soul - gsvD2KsmN
weekly box - MkrG81kZp
craft materials - CSruf1xtf
CP bonus - oFvWrBpCJ
level up - 7QWgEVRWy
gold - dZXWOaPDb
unlimited energy - I9LYdsM4G
dragon crystal - dHNZ8Gzv5
awakening - k62Xa6pe0
summon 10 times - LOFpXsliZ
blue diamond - 04Kqo9yUK

GIGA Dragon War use cheats
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Game story

Cavalier - is able to skillfully use a special lance. The sleek lance can freely move and change its length to overwhelm enemies. Assassin - uses lightning fast movements to strike the enemy. His attacks faster than what the eye can see. Mage - although she is small and cute, she possesses incredible magical powers. Never forget that her charming exterior hides deadly spells. Berserker - overwhelms the enemy with his large stature and huge sword. Uses his body weight and weapon to smash into foes.

GIGA Dragon War Hack Basics

Skill level up - raise any skill level in the skill menu. Disassembly of equipment - disassemble unused equipment from your bag. Equipment level up - raise any level of equipment in the forge menu. Equipment enhancement - try strengthening equipment in the forge menu. Equipment production - create items in the crafting menu. Strengthening colleagues - enhance your colleagues in the peer menu.

Hint & Tips

1. Netherworld dungeon - open the dungeon map, you will see dungeons in each field. It's risky but the rewards will be sweet.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: Skill book, wings, title, dragon, mount, companion, soul, craft materials, CP bonus, gold, unlimited energy, dragon crystal, awakening, summon 10 times, blue diamond
3. Companion: get help from Serena and Ruth. Befriend them and your journey will get a lot easier. Play a mission with party members. You can overcome any obstacles as long as you have friends.
4. Get the connector card and make a contract with dragons. Contracted dragons will show even greater power. The main contract provides the Dragon with skills and abilities. You cal level up with other connectors as materials. As the level rises, the dragon's stats increase. You can enhance your connector to improve your unique stats.
5. The monsters with the greatest hostility enter a state of alert that closely guards themselves and their surroundings. You can't get loot while on alert.
6. Enhance your weapon with a reinforcement stone. The weapon's stats are improved, as well as gorgeous effects are given.

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GIGA Dragon War Redeem gift code

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