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materials - WhUya23FR
recruit supply permit - PSmxADq9t

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Girl Cafe Gun Game story

This is the story after human beings almost went extinct. One year ago, seven huge Crystals fell from the sky. These Crystals contain a powerful energy called "lonus" and can grow on their own. They were once considered a godsend treasure that can solve the energy crisis. But soon, the Crystals began to grow rapidly and turned into horrible ore veins. Resulting in lonus fluctuations that could infect people and turn them into monsters. The infection spread explosively in just a few weeks, eventually leading to a global disaster. This was the Huge Explosion, a turning point in human history. However, this was not the end of the world. People who survived the disaster build various refuges on the crystallized land struggling to maintain civilization. On an island far away from the mainland there is an active army of mercenary girls fighting for survival. This is the beginning of everything...

Girl Cafe Gun Hack Basics trucos

The girl's rifle is aimed at a monster not far away, ready to launch a surprise attack at any time. Meet specific requirements to receive better star ratings and rewards. High star-rating characters usually have better base attributes, which also makes their progression quite costly. Some character cards can create excellent combos, so dig deeper into your strategies before a fight. After the shield is reduced to zero, if a party member takes damage, their HP will be reduced. Party members whose HP falls to zero will be forced to retreat! Your shield will take damage first. Shield automatically recharges or reboots from Broken state after a delay if the party no longer takes damage. The shield is shared by the whole party.

enter Girl Cafe Gun gift pass:
upgrade trucos - BfeerHifD
level up code - PJtRg0plY
daily pack cheat - enter pass hfLIFdnkE
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Month Card x1 - 3w5TGMcyk
booster pack - TWZxdDIug
evolve - oxUcTl0Na
enhance - l26VWpCW9
You can strengthen the bond with the girls by interacting, gifting, training, and fulfilling their requests. After "Limit Break", weapon skills are increased by level 1, whereas character skills are improved through "Awaken". Terrain and decors can be used as covers, but sometimes they can block your movement and evasion. To aim the specific target, tap "Aim by Dargging" at the control menu before you hold and drag the Shoot button. Paralyzed targets cannot move or attack. Psionic units are resistant to Paralysis to a certain extent.

Girl Cafe Gun Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you wonder what's your next objective, check out the daily missions.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Girl Cafe Gun cheat code - give: coffee, furniture, decorate, special supplies, earth coin, intel, legendary equipment, max stagger x10, damage reduction x50, exclusive character, premium weapon, enhance, awaken, materials, recruit supply permit
3. The probability of weapon and character supply can be viewed from info.
4. Every commander is required to communicate with team members through the terminal.
5. Remember to deploy different soldiers according to the damage color on the bullets.
6. Be sure to check your mailbox and terminal from time to time for unclaimed rewards.
7. You may devise various tactical loadouts at the Team menu. Find the one that suits you best!
8. You can change game picture quality, sound effects, and controls through Settings.

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Girl Cafe Gun Redeem code - premium gift box 10.07.2021

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