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all resources - use j5C7LQH16
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metal - sF9TyvTvo
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gas - IWue3PZQO
speed up - 4Obmfznkn
deuterium - idmA8K2qo
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development - pxB6IraRb
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energon - 6Pj2nFex8
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gears - YnoH9R0Ib
vip status - bnmgFW5gE
talent points - jooHydyKR
gems - 7RfNMYxDC
legendary hero - jM2U5Kkiv
quantum shield - 0bHFhgVrk
epic building - HGJdA9k9g
exclusive pack - sTuBWeDZh

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Game story

Landing successful, the spacecraft has switched to base form. Governor, i'm your assistant, responsible for the base arrangement. Next, i will help you with the reconstruction. The terrain here is advantageous, perfect for base establishment. But our landing has been detected by the Alpha legion, we have to defend ourselves before they arrive. Food is essential. Please build a cola factory first. Next, we also need a gas factory. Nothing can be separated from the energy provided by gas. The supply has been guaranteed. Please build barracks to strengthen the defense. Now let's start train soldiers. We need a hero to lead the troops, recruitment center can summon historical heroes through particle technology.

Global War II Hack Basics trucos

Please repair the wall immediately to enhance the base defense. Now you can develop safely, i made a task list. Please follow it and develop your base. Unifying the Earth, just around the corner. The Earth is reset to zero and a line of defense must be established as soon as possible. Upgrade citadel first, the level of the citadel determines the highest level that other buildings can reach. Transition acceleration technology can greatly shorten construction time.

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upgrade trucos - HEeq1zzzg
level up - JkR8kYS4S
daily pack - enter pass bBucKy0gs
admin account - xy4Np6qXk
Month Card x1 - qRdrP4ybz
booster pack - 2gBTyugiR
evolve - jmx2xSjuz
enhance - ndlI1yADd
Use the speed up reasonably is the key to rapid development. Units damaged in battle will go into repair station, and you only need to spend a small amount of resources and time to get them back on the battlefield. If the number of damaged units exceeds repair station's capacity limit, the excess units will die directly, causing significant loss. Governor, Vivian has analyzed the Alpha in 2019 and now and found they have completed multiple round of evolution, and some powerful alpha legion is extremely powerful, intends to infiltrate the base, and needs to clean up the enemy as soon as possible.

Global War II Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Upgrade administrative fortress - unlocking technology lab, warehouse, early warning radar, technology is the first productivity, research and development technology can comprehensively improve combat and development. Warehouse provides security for your resources. Early warning radar can let you know dangerous information in advance and make correct judgments.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: all resources, cola, metal, gas, deuterium, military, development, speed up, crystals, draw x10, energon, starstone, gears, vip status, talent points, gems, legendary hero, quantum shield, epic building, exclusive pack
3. Crystal ore is the main source of crystal acquisition. Upgrading crystal ore can increase the production speed of units. THe more crystal are built, the more units production speed will be increased.
4. The science and technology lab provides you with technology enhancements in all areas to enhance your overall strength. Development tech can enhance the economic strengthening attributes such as construction speed, research speed and gathering speed. Upgrading military tech can increase the might of the troops and unlock new units. Let us first construct military research and make us more powerful.

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