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Game story

Commander, i will introduce some basic operational methods. Each campaign has a primary goal and several secondary goals. The red ring represents the unit or plot of the primary goal. Victory is gained immediately after achieving the main goal and the next campaign is unlocked. The blue ring represents the units or plots of the secondary goals. Achieving the secondary goals within the time limit can accumulate the supply points for the large scale campaigns of this line. The blue circle below the unit represents that the force can still be operated. Select your units. The highlighted plots represent the areas that can be moved to, and the red ones represents the targets that can be attacked.

Glory of Generals 3 WW2 Hack Basics

If you feel you have made a wrong decision commanding your units, you can call them back immediately. Once an enemy building is detected or an enemy unit is encountered, the units cannot return. You can supply the corresponding types of units in cities, factories and ports. Click the information button below and view the attributes and characteristics of any unit. After going into the sea, army units will fight in the form of transport ships, and their attack will be greatly reduced. After selecting the airport, you cna use the air force to air attack the enemy. Aircraft carriers consume supply for air attack, which recovers 3 points per round. The maximum upper limit is 9. Each type of aircraft on an aircraft carrier can only be used once per round. Click the hourglass button at the bottom right to end the round. If any units can still move, a prompt will pop up.

Hint & Tips

1. Once the main goal is achieved, the campaign will be won immediately.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: medals, generals, morale, supply, package, full version, premium units, vip status, restore health
3. The morale of units will be reduced after being attacked. If being attacked or surrounded by the enemy, their morale will be greatly reduced. The terrain will affect the combat effectiveness of the units. If the troops are stationed on the river, the defense will be greatly reduced.
4. If artillery and infantry are equipped with transport teams, their mobility will be greatly increased.
5. When an air force general is stationed at the airport, the combat effectiveness of all air forces in the airport will be improved.

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