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Gnome Invaders hack cheat code List

extra cannon - use hack xhCCNnPir
golden hat - enter pass fKDGhSvRl
gold - 3ip8qkMxY
premium weapon - 5MACWNWOE
booster pack - 5PJkgtfMK
stars - CeLrsFpE4
Month Card x1 - dB8eRHhxT
upgrade - rastCW6tb
daily gift bag x10 - W7qonISYp
secret combination code - Yj9pCoCeQ
off ad - GuPM1jjqn
platinum chest - kctFRcu7H
off reload - yuBQzSSUS
supply caches - F1enji2QD
tickets - MPl3BZ9Qw
promote - IpaKNJGp7
gems - CNx8SprZS
weekly box - u6z2SurQW

Gnome Invaders use cheats
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Game story

Hey champ, Boss says i've gotta teach you the basics of becoming an exterminator. Our job is simple: protect flowers at all costs. Don't fret through, the work is a blast. We use cannons to launch all sorts of weapons. Right now you've got the flask loaded up - short cooldown and reliable damage. As i'm sure you suspect, there's been an increase in activity lately. The gnomes are becoming harder to contain.

Gnome Invaders Hack Basics

Here comes a huge group of them! We better switch to something stronger. This will make short work of large groups of gnomes, especially the weaker grunts. Let's open up the map and check out our progress. As you complete contracts, new ones will become unlocked. Before you start the battle, you need to pick your ammo. Always be sure to check which gnomes you'll be seeing during this contract. It's also helpful to peek at the level. Hold this down to see the lay of the land.

Hint & Tips

1. You can learn how each weapons works by checking its info.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: extra cannon, golden hat, gold, stars, off ad, platinum chest, supply caches, tickets, no reload, gems.
3. You can build up to 5 loadouts in the codex for easier access to your favorite ammo.
4. Earn every star from world contracts and the shop may have something special for sale.
5. Head to the arena if you need to level up your weapons.
6. Flask - the first munition constructed by the agency, this flask is filled with a tonic that hurts gnomes in a small radius when shattered. As an unexpected bonus, the new cannons sometimes malfunction when launching this antique ammo, causing an extra flask to launch with a similar trajectory.Barrage - a good way to ensure some damage is to send a valley of shards over an area. These crystals are filled with a noxious liquid that can often deal critical damage. Each shard is wired so that if it fails to make contact with a gnome, the cannon is recharged by a portion of the cooldown.

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