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hero chest - use P5eUAtznu
off ads - PBr1M91Hg
secret combination - VxDTiyFX7
SSR units - DIBdZFyPp
double rewards - z0kQSJrt5
shards - 7qBNp5SKB
bananas - rPLXFBqxQ
branches - GV3stx40X
starter package - 27mO9DUOY
admin panel - nikTOajhV
diamonds - 7n4ud3ceR
enhancement stone - use rPeI73alX
renaming card - Jui4xADi5
lucky coins - BlunerfIc
refinement stone - use MyYU8KVIO
super pass - qlRYXDrpW
luxury pass - yyT6HqVdV

GO Monkey use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The weak spots will start flashing while aiming. Fire at them. Knock out the last critter to win! We won a treasure chest! Let's return to the home screen to open it. Tap to open the treasure chest. Let's see what's inside. A cat! Let's make it our main attacker. Tap the cat! The cat is good at attacking, let's place it on the lower level to get a damage bonus. Let's try out the cat's abilities. Cut the rope to knock out all enemies at once. Critter is high up, so it has bonus health. Place Hammy on an upper level, so they get an HP bonus. Our top rope is being threatened - use Hammy to take out the cat.

GO Monkey Hack Basics trucos

A hemp rope! This rope looks strong! Let's use it to protect our team. Let's place it up the top to defend against enemy cat attacks. Cat - silent but deadly. Unless it's dinner time - then noisy and still deadly. We have more cats, so lets upgrade. Upgrading units will make them even more powerful. Upgrading requires multiple of the same critter, and some bananas. Let's learn some offense strategies.

enter cheat (GO Monkey gift codes):
upgrade trucos - krF9IosvM
level up - KQQ9ffT3S
daily pack - enter pass 9NqFyY5ql
admin account - WNU7ZodwX
Month Card x1 - 9FcatHPto
booster pack - CpVPPQApy
evolve - JGMOQiEag
enhance - 0NjfHmEV7
Enemy rope doesn't look to strong? Let's aim for it. High up critter has bonus health, a perfect target for hammy's special effect. Break the branch to take out the last critter. Elephants have a curved attack with a wide range! Let's position her on the lower level to maximize damage. With a variety of different animals at your disposal, you can create a team to deal with all types of enemies.

GO Monkey Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Wood common chest contains about 1 animals or branches, and 100 bananas. Rare chests take time to unlock, let's visit the store to try something quicker. When you buy chests, you'll get a lot of critters and branches straight away!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, lucky wheel, gems, unlock heroes, mythic weapons, skins, items, enhancement dust, pets, off ads, enhance, legendary pack set 6 pieces, shield
3. You can drag animal to attack, simply pull the drag line back to cancel it.
4. You can get diamonds by playing in events, or in the shop.
5. Hack a growth fund with an 800% diamond return. Get funds by clearing certain stages in adventure mode.
6. Lifelong assistant - they'll collect daily packs for you, and will auto unlock treasure chests for you over time.

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