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GO! PSYPuzzle hack cheat code List

moonstone - use USnFKeUiH
off ads - LiaGaZQv5
secret combination - 3oJFDqH6F
citrines - sDfQGjnxV
double rewards - 4Qc3Vd79G
stamina - HJAxc6Fsw
restore HP - aDNfkRAP0
shield - zZ4CzdRbp
starter package - 9pVHFSUhD
admin panel - u5dMkESv4
items - lvFz9gs0V
buff - use LzulPzQDJ
increase attributes - TezPQ1fnp
gold - aEvaJfTrj
cube - cjoGJdg4J
synthesis - C8e869DeE
materials - B5l99NoXd
lottery - iUf5Tudx0

GO! PSYPuzzle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Nickname - you can change it in the settings. THe assets- press the gear button to change the setting. Make friends and earn friend points. There is an adventure here! Enjoy multiple episodes. In the store, you can purchase items that help with gameplay. In the archive, you can earn rewards based on the achievements of the episodes. Equip and combine cubes to become a stronger team. Check your mail in your mailbox. Maybe there is a surprise present?

GO! PSYPuzzle Hack Basics trucos

You can select an episode. You mist clear the lowest difficulty level of the previous episode to open the next episode. Every episode has a unique story, so challenge yourself. You can choose the difficulty level. If you clear a low difficulty level, a high difficulty level appears. The difficulty level is easy, norma, and even hard. You have to choose the characters. The adventure can only begin by choosing two characters.

enter cheat (GO! PSYPuzzle gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Z4yXE5ohy
level up - uZ2SISi1D
daily pack - enter pass MBto4F4VN
admin account - baix6WQKj
Month Card x1 - HxWPyMUXL
booster pack - Qrq2O209p
evolve - vmpZ4gw0T
enhance - hLWPfVEOl
You can also change the cube belt. Choose your favorite cube belt and start your adventure. You can start your adventure with the game start button below. Battle controls: our side is on the left, and the enemy is on the right. An arrow is displayed above the head of the character to act now. THe green and red bar below is the health of each character. The lower bar only on our side is the amount of defense.

GO! PSYPuzzle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Puzzles can move horizontally, vertically or diagonally. when you match each puzzle, your character will act. The first attacks and the shield increases defense.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter GO! PSYPuzzle cheat code - give: moonstone, citrines, stamina, restore HP, shield, items, buff, increase attributes, cube, synthesis, materials, off ad, lottery
3. When you match the stars, experience increases, and when it reaches 100%, you can level up and increase your stas. If you match the gold coins up to 100%, you get an item.
4. Time passes when you start moving the puzzle. You can move through the puzzles until the time runs out. However, puzzles that are already connected are hardened and do not move.
5. Match the blue flame puzzle to recharge your man. You can use the cube's skill with the charged mana. A character's skill can be used without mana consumption by just matching a certain number of blue flame puzzles.

GO! PSYPuzzle Hack tools Version:


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