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The God Of High School hack cheat code List

gold - use 5fYg2p7rG
beginner collection - X7ZYvXlO5
secret combination - PDsLOi3pO
premium summon - IwVBRu8fD
double rewards - CLAS57Yro
10 tickets - P6zEIid7j
stamina - ONQCnIGPS
rainbow gold puppets - CCGcIkXtE
balansed whetstone - soDLGmYvr
admin panel - TEdqs9YXL
anvil - dbyBoJk3U
pieces - use TffZYaDK3
God gacha package - CzkCLiwf9
soul stone - tQMKubTqn
tru crystal - gxgynDo6g
world imperator package - use TyW7pV2h1
VIP 13 - RWKt2PbBE
spiritstones - OczneIsed
reset ticket - 3joh5jIR7
soul pass - bS1phMWh1

The God Of High School use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Press thumbnail of character to attack. Enemy looks dangerous. Giant Nephilim is charging for strong attack. First, block enemies attack and wait for a chance. Defense: hold the thumbnail of the character and slide down to wait in defense mode. In defense mode, efficiency to defense enemies' attack increases. All defense: press the DEF button on the left side of the screen, and all character will become defense mode. Target attack: to focus attack to an enemy you should select an enemy. To use R skill hold thumbnail then slide it right. Few character's have various skills.

The God Of High School Hack Basics trucos

Characters can only be strengthened by obtaining enhancement stone from dungeon. What is the auxiliary slot? The guardians mounted in the auxiliary slot do not participate in combat, but gain experience according to the auxiliary slot level. When the auxiliary slot level is raised, the installed guardians can be applies. The swap button is a system that exchanges the number of invitations in the main and auxiliary slots. However, if all auxiliary slots are not open or the main slot is dead, the swap button will not work. The key points for this game are the reincarnation level the reincarnation stat and the Guardian. Keep in mind.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - JVHNAxZ7K
level up - k0EoK7ofL
daily pack - enter pass s9GNCpIeh
admin account - X2ZZn25OM
Month Card x1 - tKMiePjsB
booster pack - EULXrw5lR
evolve - a320M8kyM
enhance - y9bzEtscZ
SKills: Yeoul sick - deals light elements damage equal to 400% of attack power to all enemies. Reaper's scythe - deals dark element damage equal to 440% of attack power to all enemies. Joker's toy - decrease current HP of an enemy by 10% and restores HP of an ally with lowest HP by 5% of its maximum HP. Thunderbolt - deals light element equal to 225% of attack power to all enemies. Removes buff an enemy with 20% chance. Triple infernal kick - deals fire element damage equal to 400% of attack power to 3 enemies. Wild attack - touch the character button each turn to perform attack up to 4 times. Damage of each attack deals damage equal to attack power * 50%, and 4th attack's damage is 50%.

The God Of High School Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Understanding the enemy's element will reduce the damage taken.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, beginner collection, premium summon, 10 tickets, stamina, rainbow gold puppets, balansed whetstone, anvil, pieces, God gacha package, soul stone, tru crystal, world imperator package, VIP 13, spiritstones, reset ticket, soul pass
3. More experience can be gained by using the same element character as level up materials.
4. You can purchase an additional character slot in the shop.
5. When normal character is set to be power up character, Neo and link characters also get buff.

The God Of High School Hack tools Version:


The God Of High School Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

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