Cheats hack Goddess of War code:daily pack, Legendary privilege, honor, vip 15, T6 artifact, diamonds, wings, coins card, title, enhance stone, silver Goddess of War Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Goddess of War hack cheat code List

starter's pack - use hack 8tOlqccF8
daily pack - enter pass Ug9WxffdK
Legendary privilege - VcioUQyJ6
honor - lxgwsq2b9
booster pack - 9IgDtFIaJ
vip 15 - d6G2UxcmF
Month Card x1 - PKwmSZUX3
upgrade - J9LJq4IV7
daily gift bag x10 - rkM6Bbj8q
secret combination code - rOwktym4o
T6 artifact - dlhLfZ4wX
weapon - JWw2xEiUi
wings - ssvED7mNl
weekly box - DbBOm2siD
diamonds - 3JodpQ1M0
friendship points - oh36Mdh31
level up - BFjKq8mdd
coins card - UD6SkIA6d
title - 8I2eTK4WW
enhance stone - Ri29grRPH
silver - PWhXKUqHZ
gold - sPn2OsRw0

Goddess of War use cheats
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Game story

Demon hunter - an absolute warrior on the battlefield. Adept at using all kinds of weapons to destroy any enemy who dares to stand in front of him. A formidable expert in melee combat (can use tow types of weapons). Temple woman - a warrior walking on the land without missing any battles that can improve his abilities, a valiant melee weapons master proficient in all kinds of combat. Bard - mages who travel around the continent, who have vast knowledge and a variety of strange legends. They are given skills to control destruction and are proficient in psychic magic. Hymn priest - mages who can control elements. They are the overlord of the battlefield and the elegant ranged mage who enchant and swing the wand to control elements to deliver destructive damage upon the enemy.

Goddess of War Hack Basics

I want to be stronger: wings - advance, aptitude, gear, gear enhance, set. Hero - level up, upgrade, gear, gear devour, bond. Appearance - event, objective, boss output, permanent stats after activation. Couple - affinity bonus, train wedding ring, fragrance point stats. I want gear - level dungeon - grant a small amount of gear. Otherworld boss - have a chance to drop character and general gear. CP boss - chance to drop gear and pill materials. Cross server Boss - chance to drop artifact shards and star soul gear. Abyss boss - chance to drop 7 pieces of gear in advance system.

Hint & Tips

1. Hero level up bead - used to upgrade heroes. Can be obtained from hero EX dungeon or by killing monsters in otherworld.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: daily pack, Legendary privilege, honor, vip 15, T6 artifact, diamonds, wings, coins card, title, enhance stone, silver
3. I want EXP: gold coast - get a yacht, we can take a bath together apart from getting extremely high EXP bonus. Reward quest -daily reward quest grants a lot of EXP. EXP cave - there are ample EXP daily, the higher the VIP level, the higher the bonus.
4. Training hero can greatly improve your CP.

Goddess of War Hack tools Version:


Goddess of War Redeem gift code

1. CDrKW8xwWaWmrCJ
2. dfBBBxxzRUnVQal
3. aIHNhbB6Vl89HGr
4. kwlFiG3KnVjZyDA
5. pAiFwSpN8FGPxsb
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