Cheats hack GoddessXPuzzle code:summon 10x, diamonds, honor, SSR hero, rune box, blitz scroll, super sub, crystalite, resource GoddessXPuzzle Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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GoddessXPuzzle hack cheat code List

summon 10x - use hack KuXNTftGZ
daily pack - enter pass EDRg3uV5E
diamonds - 0I3JhzH4f
honor - 9r8PSZBne
booster pack - 20QJZXBbZ
SSR hero - 7Q9zideqZ
Month Card x1 - oqoyufolT
rune box - omVd1BCqi
daily gift bag x10 - kMXd2n2FL
blitz scroll - pwv48DJ9r
super sub - SXpzHWZqk
crystalite - jcgcNSkLs
upgrade - zOWRfNzGr
level up - 4NXNHHM2N
resource - RC4Ogbo1Q

GoddessXPuzzle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

We've found a new astral trail. We may have failed this time, but you won't succeed the next. The stars have returned to their rightful places. I will restore glory to the astral realm of old. This is the destined outcome, and resistance is futile. As long as we can find a good place to rebuild the sky city, we can reconstruct the summoning gate and guide them back. We will send a contracted succubus to guide you through some basic operations. We need stone to build our base. Tap to build in an empty space.

GoddessXPuzzle Hack Basics

Buildings: workshop - a building that outputs stone. A building stops output once it hits max capacity. Warehouse - stone warehouse. Upgrade it to store more resources. We can acquire recruits by adventure. They need somewhere to live. Apartment - used to provide shelter for recruits. Upgrade it to accommodate more recruits. Training camp - you can train recruits into qualified goddesses by consuming food. Alchemy hut - different battle items can be crafted here. Activate the summoning gate to summon helpers from another world.

Hint & Tips

1. Upgrade training camp to level 20 for a chance to train up a 5 stars Goddess. Heroes has their own different skill. Be careful when matching these up.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: summon 10x, diamonds, honor, SSR hero, rune box, blitz scroll, super sub, crystalite, resource,
3. The number above the enemy HP bar displays which round that enemy will attack. We now come up against some powerful enemies. Level up units to increase their power.
4. Final ascend requires an identical Goddess to be costed.
5. Elements affect how much damage you do with attacks. Attack the wind enemy with water. The attack is weak and only deals half damage. You can always find information in the top left corner of the screen.

GoddessXPuzzle Hack tools Version:


GoddessXPuzzle Redeem code - premium gift box

1. w9aj6VNn1ctpqgo
2. zNz5BRLtjFxPw4Q
3. wLX15qsb5zer80k
4. W4c88JvA9prVBNb
5. 96OOzoyfwLDmvvY
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