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Gods Impact Game story

On top of the land of humans, there is a Gods' civilization! Gods are working "diligently!" Everything is in shambles. Demon and monsters are walking in board daylight! The land of humans is torched. Channels connecting the divine realms open. Gods who have never met meet for the first time. Defeat dungeon monsters to get abundant rewards. I don't care how many people you have. Take this group attack, Tang Seng Sings a Song! There's nothing in the world I like more than a group fight!

Gods Impact Hack Basics trucos

Random Heroes can be summoned in Book of Summoning. Common Summon consumes Basic Summon Scrolls to summon Common deties. Tap Campaign to enter Autoplay interface. With each Stage completed, you can claim the corresponding rewards. Upgrade your level and your power. Heroes will explore automatically and you can get the loots every once in a while. Heroes belong to 5 Factions. Each Faction is countered by another. Tap the button to see more information on Factions. Use the counter effects between Factions to play to your Heroes' strength. By clearing a certain number of Campaign stages you can claim the clearance reward. The stages will get more difficult. Let's collect enough Hero Shards to fuse corresponding Heroes. Now go fuse your first hero! With a certain number of shards you can craft this hero. Try and tap the hero's avatar.

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upgrade trucos - BvIuIGfDe
level up code - VFCEDO4SE
daily pack Gods Impact cheat - enter pass 5NJspf5M3
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Going forward the enemies will become stronger and stronger, we can spend gold coins and Hero EXP to upgrade levels of Heroes. Good work requires a good tool. Equip gears can also improve a Hero's strength. The higher the quality of the gear, the higher the enhanced strength. The hero's strength is improved. Come start a Campaign to see how much it is improved. Please swipe the screen to the right to Market. The market ran by Gods has Discounted Items. We can buy from there. Ha, it's an Advanced Summon Pass. Please swipe the screen to the left to Summon. Use and Advanced Summon Pass to perform Advanced Summon at the Book of Summon to receive a ramdom 3-5-star Hero. Free summons are available at the Book of Summoning daily. Don't miss it.

Gods Impact Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Free Quick Explorations and free summons are available. Gain rewards such as diamonds, gold, and EXP in Quick Explorations. Free Quick Explorations are of limited quantity. Use your diamonds to get extra Quick Explorations. Activate Quick Explore privilege can get 3 attempts free and buy 8 more.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Gods Impact cheat code - give: diamonds, gold, quick explorations, advanced summon pass, premium gears, shards, 5 stars hero, points, energy, off ads, battle password, title, promotion, enhance material
3. Start Campaign challenges to improve your strength. Powerful beasts, which can increase attributes for all heroes. By completing the exclusive unlock quest, you can claim a powerful beast.
4. Amit - Deals 1656 absolute DMG to 2 random enemy generals, with a 30% chance of applying (Bleeding) for 2 rounds at the cost of losing 58 HP per round.
5. Tap the chest to claim Autoplay Loot. The longer the time, the better the loots.
6. Your bag should be filled with gold coins and Hero EXP after completed a few Campaigns. Use them to upgrade your Heroes! Clear stage 1-15 to claim a 5-star Zhu Bajie. Don't forget that!
7. Tap the button after claiming the reward to move on. Continue to challenge Campaign Stages to upgrade your Heroes. Go brave warriors! Complete Daily Quests to receive great rewards. Reach required activeness to receive Chest Rewards.

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