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Game story

After years of fighting a hopeless war, at last a spark of hope appears. DIes and Thor have found a mortal able to restore the gods to power. Now with a chance of defeating Loki, they establish a new base with you as its leader. This area looks fairly defensible. It's a pity our army is so small. We have escaped Loki's attention and bought ourselves time. I travelled for months searching for a mortal who still possessed the faith to bring back the gods. However small our army is now, i have hope. Let is build a proper base here, starting with the palace from which you will oversee the war effort.

Gods Mobile Hack Basics

Palaces are the first buildings you'll get. Upgrade to unlock new buildings and functions, increase the number of Land parcels you can occupy, and hold more Gods. We'll also need a Gymnasium in which our forces can train. Their level determines the maximum number of soldiers a Polis can hold. Low level soldiers can be upgraded here. How can we find more of crystals to awaken the gods? If you build a Pantheon, i'll be able to use it to sense gods and heroes sealed away by Loki's power. Pantheons are places where GOds are unsealed dispatch Gods to hunt for crystals, and eventually, they will find resources. You can also unseal Gods and offer them invites.

Hint & Tips

1.The higher a GOd's SPI, the quicker it can locate crystals. A hero with high spirit can locate crystals more easily, allowing us to recover them faster and find more powerful allies.
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3. The higher a hero's COM, the more soldiers it can lead. Dispatch your Gods with the highest COM to act as Polemarchs.
4. I recommend build an asclepeion, a healing temple, to serve our people both physically and spiritually. Cultivate farms to get a stable grain income that can be used to build territory and train soldiers.
5. Polis construction also requires a lot of coin. You should build stalls. You need a prosperous market to increase tax revenues.

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