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Game story

As the Creator declared that the world was going to end, the Great Heaven's War began. You combat the Maras till today with forbidden power. Till the 7th day they fought, engaging in a final battle in the tower of heaven. The heavens war ended with the One's victory, the losing rebels were exiled. The wrath of the Divine cannot be stopped as he sat in his ivory tower. Maras were sent to this land, causing desolation and despair. This world that should've been destroyed stood, clinging on to the life after centuries. It will use forbidden magic to force the souls sealed within the grimoire to submit as djinns. You combat the Maras till today with this power. Mages can contract nonhuman souls and change them into djinns for battle. Mages who can command their djinns well will become greater mages than others. About battles: a battle is independently decided on by master's Djinns. You can order your units to complete various tasks here, but let's see how they fare for themselves first. Tap the portrait of the unit you want to use and select a target - the skill will activate. After a skill is used, it'll take some time before it can be used again.

GoetiaX Hack Basics

Extra intimacy shards can be converted into coins if the Djinn has already reached the highest intimacy level possible. I'll now explain how to form a party. Each unit has a cost assigned to it. Your party is limited by your cost limit, but it will increase the more master increases in strength. The higher your cost limit, the more hero you can use. You can also use stronger Djinns. Your teams are separated into a main and sub team. You can only give orders to your main team. Press the auto select button to automatically create a team. You can also create your own party, if you wish. Just tap on the small magic circle and select your desired heroes, then confirm your decision. Now let tell you about the importance of forming a party. Parties have three positions: vanguard, mid guard, and rear guard. The vanguard tend to be attacked more frequently and rear guards tend to be attacked less. Each position is available to Djinns of different weapon proficiencies.

Hint & Tips

1. Vanguard units have proficiency in swords, spears, and magic shields. Mid guard have proficiency in longswords, dual swords, hammers, crossbows, fists, scythes, grimoires, and jewels. Rear guard have magic staffs and spirits.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: room coin, furniture, diamonds, summon x10, SSR djinn, enhancement materials, action points, stamina, legendary equipment, 30 Days AP Value Pack, Goddess War Value Pack, Start dash Value Pack, 1-in-7 Selector, Satanael Summon Pack, Djinn Enhancement Value Pack
3. Characters in support team can also use limit burst after limit break.
4. If you don't have enough MP, you can wear some equipment to increase it.
5. Players can receive EXP through missions, doing story quests, and completing free quests. After your player rank increases, your character's maximum level will also increase.
6. Every once in a while, the Wondrous tower will appear in place of the tower of remembrance. When it does, you can receive valuable items there.

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