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towers - use hack 8JEEAM4gD
daily pack - enter pass LHV6aObYV
admin account - 99g8pPBn2
abilities - WEsAFkXjh
booster pack - UI0eJeJPB
scrap - 1hQNrLeSD
Month Card x1 - EIFKeT1F1
modules - TtiOwO41T
daily gift bag x10 - P2p9senKP
shield - wriGCM7lm
hero - 9nMOaIHNS
upgrade - IHpSWSaqv
level up - PeXFlgabb
gold - 616rPURFk
gems - FSwBvTMTd
artifact - use hack IVkIm7ZaX
secret levels - yM65Jg1o8
premium combination - pkTp1xE8z
off ad - use hack EpFk2uV2i

Gold Rush TD use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Another rickety rookie to throw at the creeps. You will have to do, "Commander". It's time to sink or swim. Get out there and stop those cantankerous creeps from over running our location. Select the first location on the battle map and get ready fro combat. Oh, and one more thing...Don't get us all killed. All progress will be reset if you lose or restart a level. We have incoming! I was hoping to get some more drills in before you saw combat, but that kettle has boiled. I will feed you intel on the creeps as they approach. Just tap on the alert button when it appears to see the intel report. Knowing the enemy is half the battle. Now get to your post and prepare to defend the city. Command center - enemy creeps will try to attack it. You will lose a life if a creep reaches your command center. If your life reaches 0, you will lose the level.

Gold Rush TD Hack Basics

When you are ready to start defending your command center, hit the play button to start spawning waves of creeps. Build towers to protect your command center from creeps. Towers can be built on any build spot. Simply tap a build spot and choose a tower to build. Science tower - damages one creep at a time, does extra damage to shields. Can target any creep. Arrow tower - damages on enemy at a time. Units award scrap when killed. You can spend scrap between levels to unlock and equip powerful modules from the module shop. Modules enhance your towers, abilities, and more. Building towers costs gold. Your command center generates gold, but not as much as gold mines can generate. Just tap a rock pile to build a gold mine there. You have two abilities that you can manually activate: reinforcements and artillery strike. Click each one to learn more about what it does. Your abilities cna be activated anytime, but each has a cooldown before it can be activated again. You can spend gold to activate an ability before its cooldown is up.

Hint & Tips

1. You have built enough towers to upgrade your command center and unlock better towers. To complete the upgrade, choose one of three perks to purchase that will improve your capabilities and command center gold generation for the rest of this level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: towers, abilities, scrap, modules, shield, hero, gold, gems, artifact, secret levels, premium combination, vip status
3. In heart of our mobile command center you can select the next mission on the tactical map and most importantly, visit the workshop to upgrade our tech. When you are ready, look at the tactical map. You can see the available missions.

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Gold Rush TD Redeem code - premium gift box

1. dksQhIKwUXF9WzC
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4. 5zk90cPLhSrJqin
5. aq9sQ1asLnMD3Ar
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