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Golden Bazaar Game story

A long time ago in a desert far, far away...There was an extremly prosperous city called Doman. A tycoon named Radu established a bank in Doman. His bank gave away gold coins to citizens, so they could all live extravagant lives. No one had ever met Radu in person. No one cared about who he was as long as his bank kept pouring out free gold. The citizens appetites kept getting bigger. They wanted more gold and the secret behind the bank. Some even wanted to take the bank for themselves. Finally, one day, a bunch of greedy citizens broke into the bank. They found nothing but a golden lamp in the middle of the empty hall. Suddenly, the sky turned dark and thr wind started to howl across the hall. The lamp broke into a thousand pieces and vanished into the night. The bank collapsed and all the gold coins turned into sand. The once thriving city of Doman became a giant slum. The story of Doman continues...A new chapter begins with a young person.

Golden Bazaar Hack Basics trucos

A merchant issued an order to buy goods at a high price in Doman. We can make a lot of money if we can complete it. You spend the entire day wandering the city but find nothing. With your hopes waning by the second, you take shelter in a dilapidated building. You come to hall full of dust, which has nothing but a dilapidated stone table. In disappointment, you lean against the table... You chance upon a small, glistening gold nugget trapped within the crack of a stone table. You try to retrieve the nugget but wind up with nothing more thana sore finger. You take off the necklace and try to dig out the gold. The gem on the necklace emits blue light after being stained by your blood, and a blue smoke comes out of the gem...

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The merchant looks at you with interest. The reason why you're determined to get this order is because you know what the stuff he's selling can go for. In the end, the dispatcher agrees with you, but he reminds you that you only have two weeks to complete the order. The gold isn't enough to buy a carpet. But there is another way. Let's have a gamble with half of the trade price. If you win, this carpet will be yours. Credits can be used to upgrade retainers and increase their worth. The higher a retainer's worth, the stronger his ability. High worth will bring you a lot of benefits inn trade and PVP. Bring enough gold before you set off. Let's go back to the bank and get prepared.

Golden Bazaar Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Night Watch - Seeing that your shop is still open, the soldier on patrol comes in and pays off his debts.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Golden Bazaar cheat code - give: auto clicker, game speed x10, credit chest, staff, premium manager, 500% bonuses bank/home/companion/guild, legendary retainer, fame, shard, ticket, diamonds, elite funds, special pack 7
3. Overview - Medina is a major political and cultural center. The city is reach in date palms and carpets
4. Dark House - The caravan's encampments are surrounded by shadowy figures, which naturally makes everyone nervous. As a group's leader, you are responsible for deciding what to do. Tell everyone to turn all the lights off Light a torch to drive the shadows away Later.
5. After a sleepless and panicky but peaceful night, everyone expresses their thanks to you for staying so calm. You complete the order within the given time. In doing so, you impress the merchant and earn enough money to pay for Musa's tuition. That same day, you see Kosi screaming and swearing at Mansour right in the middle of the street.
6. You need to hire more people for your new shop. After all, you can't be bound to a single shop. Deploying a retainer to manage the shop can greatly increase the earnings! It's incredible that you not only made money, but also became something of a local celebrity in Doman. In future you can travel to a whole host of different countries for business or whatever else. I'll make sure to let you know whenever I think a shard might be nearby.
7. A speech - The mayor needs to give an inspiring speech to the people, but he has never been known for being a great orator. You also made responsible for honing his speaking skills.

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